Natural diuretics

weight loseDo you want to discover 16 diuretic plants in this puzzle

If you retain fluids, you’ve probably already tried several of these diuretic plants. In any case, in this alphabet soup you can find 16 natural diuretics, whose use as such is not only traditionally recognized, but it approved by health agencies. Do you feel like?


The fluid retention is a very common problem. They are often not only cause but also a consequence of overweight.

Fluids help remove toxins from the body. If your urine output is insufficient, your body can not break free of waste produced daily.

No doubt the quintessential diuretic is water. For this reason, it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters a day. However, sometimes this is not enough to stimulate kidney function.

In this case, natural diuretics, in the form of infusions or tisanes, are the ideal solution. Would you like to discover no less than 16 diuretic plants in the puzzle below you’ll find? Then, Be guided by the following references!

 One tree whose fruit is obtained highly valued oil in the Mediterranean diet.Name of the plant also known as Java Tea.Aromatic that gives flavor to the Provencal sauce.Plant which is known for its stinging qualities.American Cereal higher world production.Plant whose young shoots are a highly valued plant in gastronomy.Tree is characterized by a very strong and elastic wood.Conifer whose berries are used as flavoring.Perennial, hairy and thorny deep pink flowers.A common name for trees of the genus Betula.

Grass also known as grass.Known as Mount celery, also used as a spice.Plant genus ponytail.Gender bitter chicory or dandelion.Bush also known as black currant.Name of the infusion prepared from Ilex paraguariensis.


See these 16 natural diuretics in the puzzle below.

The passion in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction from top to bottom or bottom to top, right to left or left to right.

When you discover one, click on the original letter and drag your mouse over the letters that complete the name.

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