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Lose weight5 foods that fight fat body

Speeding up your metabolism naturally

There are all kinds of diets; there is cleansing, detoxifying and fat burning. If you’re interested in the diet is in the past, you can not fail to take into account at least 5 foods that fight against body fat, accelerating the metabolism naturally. Do not miss to meet you!


The fat burning diets seeking to accelerate metabolism and there are several ways to achieve this: one is incorporating foods for their nutritional characteristics fighting fat eliminating it naturally and effectively.

If you incorporate these foods into your diet, you are facilitating weight loss.

5 foods that fight fat

Greek Yogurt: This Mediterranean food has twice the protein than plain yogurt, which can help the body takes fat from adipose tissue for energy. On the other hand, proteins are satisfying because they remain in the stomach longer. Therefore not only helps you burn fat faster, but it also takes away the hunger.

Quinoa or quinoa. This cereal from America is one of the newest foods that have been incorporated into a diet to lose weight. Why? Well, this cereal has a high percentage of protein and fiber, as well as zinc, selenium and vitamin E, all micronutrients that speed up metabolism and facilitate cellular activity. A good combination is to mix half a cup of quinoa cooked with fresh vegetables or cooked steamed along with nuts or seeds.

Grapefruit: The grapefruit is a citrus negative calorie which helps mobilize fat reserves for energy. Moreover grapefruit, if you eat before lunch or dinner, you can help reduce appetite.

Blueberries. This type of berry is rich in antioxidants and very low in calories. Because antioxidant accelerates fat metabolism, and very low in calories expend more calories to be digested or metabolized that it brings.

Tabular or bulgur wheat. This type of wheat is high in protein and fiber. Moreover, it is very tasty, which saves you from having to add sauces or excessive oil and seasonings. Tabular when you can add tomatoes, cucumbers and parsley.


These foods are easy to prepare and can incorporate them into your diet to enhance the slimming effect. This you add physical activity, the fat-burning effect is greater.

Remember that there are foods that can help you lose weight, thanks to their compounds and properties.  Be sure to take advantage of what nature gives you a natural way.

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