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Lose weight Guava and lemon water to detoxify the liver

Combination that eliminates toxins and helps you lose weight

If you’re looking for a drink to help you detoxify your liver, you can not miss this tasty guava and lemon water. The perfect combination to eliminate toxins and lose weight.

The liver is the organ responsible for filtering all harmful substances that prevents the body to function properly. Therefore, if you need to lose weight, a good start is to prepare a drink to eliminate toxins and fat. One of these drinks is water guava and lemon.

You may wonder why guava and lemon? Well, both fruits have properties that help you detoxify and lose weight.

Guava. Also known as guava, guar, arraying orLima, is a tropical fruit that, for its high content of vitamin C is considered an antioxidant fruit. Natural antioxidants are essential when it comes to cleanse the body, helping to eliminate waste that can generate free radicals. On the other hand, provides falconoid and anthocyanins, which help you to reduce fat in the blood and thus prevent both deposited in adipose tissue, as in the arterial walls.

Lemon. As for the lemon, not only is considered an antioxidant, but for natural medicine is a fruit that helps to alkalize the body, achieving internal balance.

If you combine both fruit and you add a touch of cinnamon, you’ll be drinking a natural preparation that helps you to purify the liver and prepare your body to begin to lose weight faster.

Now that you know the benefits of this drink, do not miss the recipe.

Recipe guava and lemon water

Servings: 4 glasses

Calories: 53 calories per serving.

Ingredients for 4 servings or cups.

6 lemons 58 gr. about each.

3 guavas about 55 gr. each.

3 cups water.

1 ½ teaspoons cinnamon.


First, wash and cut the guavas in half.

Remove the seeds with a spoon.

Ligulas with water and add the juice of lemons, along with cinnamon.

If you want you can add a few leaves of stein to sweeten naturally.

Before serving add some ice.

There are different ways natural purified liver and enhance weight loss. Even you have at your hand shakes recipes like soups that are also a very good natural option.

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