How much do you know about diets

dietTest yourself: look at this soup diet to the 15 most popular

Are you living from diet to diet? Have you tried new or established how much diet has crossed you in life? If so, know much about it. Challenge you to find only 15 of the most famous in this soup diets. Have fun and learn while you test your knowledge.

Weight if you live eternally on a diet, there are several possibilities:

You’re a victim of rebound effect. Most fast diets you exposed to this risk. Hmmm. bad choice. You must choose a balanced diet.

You’ve become a diet. Dietetics if you’re a live diet, even when you are in your weight. Obsession is never good. Enjoy more of the pleasures of food, without fear of losing control.

No finish any diet. Attraction your food is stronger than your desire to see Delgado. Forget it! Until at beauty or health, do not take the decision, no diet will work.

In any case, it is likely that hundreds of diets and know you will find in this soup, the 15 that meet the following references:

Undoubtedly, the most controversial diet of all time. Their author won a lot of money with it, but also earned him the loss of his license plate. You know what diet is?

You declared by Unison intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Do you know any healthier diet than this?

Proposing a type of power generating ketosis, similar to what occurs when fasting. If you turn the words of the reference will be close to the answer.

Thinning method based on choosing foods with low glycerin index, which is named after its creator, a French executive with overweight. Starts with.

Diet inspired by a passage in Genesis, which is the power play followed by Adam and Eve in paradise.

A major cacogenic diets, whose name matches the American cardiologist who developed it. How could I forget?

Which responds to the principles of an ancient system of traditional medicine , originated inIndia.

A renowned Argentine diet dietitian, brought to a reality TV show called Question of weight, which has had their versions Antenna 3 of Spain,Chileand Paraguay.

Name of the diet developed by Dr. Bolio, proposing a rapid weight loss, consuming no more than 1000 calories. Have you tried it?

Diet that keeps pace with your internal clock. Guess it’s easy!

It is based on the combination of avoiding certain foods, without limiting calorie eating. Remember what?

Fast diet of celebrities, based on the chemical breakdown of food, created by an American cardiologist, from lipids and good crabs.

The favorite of those who hate dieting, one of the most famous of the dissociated diets.

Thinning method created by Dr. Tarnower in the fifties.

This is to maintain the acid / base balance, from the intake of certain foods and the exclusion of others. What diet are we talking?

Find out the answers in this soup diets.

The passion in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction from top to bottom or bottom to top, right to left or left to right.

When you find one, click on the primary letter and drag your mouse over the letters that complete the name.

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