Exercises to lose kilos

ExercisesExercise to lose the last kilos rebels

Overweight and obesity is the new epidemic of this century, to combat needed a comprehensive plan to tackle it from various aspects, but without neglecting any.

So you have at hand 5 easy exercises to lose kilos difficult, helping you complete one of the factors of weight reduction programs.

How to lose weight fast aerobic to lose weight you need to balance three aspects: diet, physical activity and mental strength.

All are important, but depending on the stage you’re on, they have a priority order. Studies on obesity show that the combination of diet and exercise outperforms address only one aspect of the program, as it would make only diet or only physical exercise.

The following videos show exercises to increase muscle mass and thus increase the metabolism of fat reduction, allowing rebels lose the last kilos. Repeat them three times a week, 4-6 sets of 10-12 reps at 40-60% 1RM 5 easy exercises to lose kilos difficult.

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