Exercises to eliminate double chin

Exercises2 ways to avoid sagging neck muscles

Many times you lose weight, but Gill still. So, this time I will provide you 2 exercises to remove. In these exercises you will find how to prevent sagging of the neck muscles, and remove the double chin.

Neck The gill is located just below the chin, this can be naturally in certain people, or may appear when you are overweight or obese. While there are creams and beauty treatments that can help reduce or eliminate it, there are also exercises that prevent sagging neck muscles and eliminate the double chin. 2 exercises to eliminate double chin

Exercise 1: head up and put your bottom lip over your upper lip. This exercise allows you tensing the muscles of the chin.

Exercise 2: In this exercise you have to remove the language. This movement strengthens the muscles of the neck, helps burn fat located in the gill and prevent sagging.

Each of these exercises can perform them often as you want, you can even repeat them several times a day. Important to remember that before performing these exercises must preheat the neck, turning the head slowly, five times for each side. These exercises, along with a special diet to slim the face, can help you show off a thinner face and firm. Keep in mind that in addition to these exercises exists that can help such as exercises to reduce double chin. There are also massages can also be of great utility.

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