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Diet tipsPinches low calorie sweet potato for your diet

A simple and rich recipe for your family

Want to eat something rather rich, than for anything complicated and meets the expectations of your palate? Then these sweet potato skewers can be an excellent and simple choice. Be sure to follow the steps proposed in this recipe and have ready to eat in minutes.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato. These are just some of the names given to the potato-like tuber, but sweeter, more colorful and with other properties under his belt. Contribute something like 90 calories per 100 grams, which is why it can be incorporated into the diet without problems. And it is a rich low sodium food, as well as offering high potassium contributions.

For this reason, no issues in incorporating it into the diet, always using excessive amounts and combining these yams or sweet potatoes with other vegetables that go well with it. A good idea is to prepare format baked skewers, so they are well browned, and accompany with a green leaf and a rich sauce that I will teach you to do at the end of the tour.


A medium sweet potato, diced or sliced

A few slices of onion

Strips of red pepper

Soy sauce


Salt, pepper and paprika


Placed in a 100 ml container of soy sauce, good tablespoon mustard, pepper and a little paprika. Mix well and soak all vegetables there for about two hours.

Use the classic skewers and thread a piece of sweet potato, a slice of onion and a pepper strip. Intercalate so until finished.

Cook the skewers on a hot oven until golden brown on the outside and tender on the inside. Moisturize a bit during the cooking liquid from the marinade.

When ready, you will not be more than a soft mattress used on greens.

Sweet potato

What sauce can accompany this recipe light

A cool, but with a spicy sauce and some citrus wonders can go to counterpoint the sweetness of yams or sweet potatoes. Chop finely a seedless tomato, a piece of green or jalapeno Chile, chopped parsley or cilantro abundant and the juice of half a lemon .Add a touch of salt and have a somewhat Mexican company for your rich spikes.

These spikes can go as a main dish, such as fitting a piece of chicken or fish and even as a starter or light snacks. Anyway, do not miss the recipe.

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