Cleansing properties of red tea

dietIs red tea laxative

The red tea is one of the best allies in the world to lose weight for many reasons. Good to accelerating the metabolism, helps burn fat and also has a cleaning effect. That is, has the capacity to accelerate the elimination of feces. But better looking in depth what might happen to their consumption reading this article.

Red tea

That red tea is one of the best allies to lose weight, no doubt. It is an antioxidant, is believed to be an effective fat burning and also works on hepatic metabolism, which is no small feat.

But, one of the properties of more insults purer, in theory, is to be a great cleanser. But how true is this theory?

In principle, this can seem contradictory, tea, in all its varieties, contains tannins. And they could get to play an opposite role in the body. But, however, these would not play as strong as black tea, which is one of the most recommended drinks if diarrhea or breakdowns, such effect.

But apparently, take two or three cups of red tea will help you debug your system. Was I mean, can collaborate to increase intestinal transit. Anyway, you can not say conclusively that this amount of infusion has laxative properties.

Many people who claim that red tea has helped them increase intestinal transit. And, on the other hand, no sounds illogical. Is metabolic, aids digestion and is not so farfetched to help mobility belly, since the consumption of plenty of fluids daily is crucial for this topic. But then to have laxative effects deep or consuming a couple cups a day will take you to the bathroom all the time, there is an abyss.

Red tea is a diuretic, an antioxidant, helps with metabolism, digestive and is suspected can help fight constipation. For this reason, a body cleanser helps detoxify, to free it of toxins and can also collaborate to lose weight, but that it always accompanies accordingly: exercise, healthy diet and conviction.

Red tea

Simplifying: consume the amount raised red tea, not necessarily get you to the bathroom so unusual and unexpected effects. Do not expect it to have the same effects as sienna and other herbal laxatives really. At least that would be more normal. If you saw that affects you, it makes sense to you lower the dose or directly to opt for other infusions.

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