Blood group diet

Blood dietThe power deliver system of human and his blood group have a certain connection, in connection with what was discovered blood group diet, which has become over the past few years is very popular.

It is based on a very simple principle – for a person having a particular blood group, typical food that people ate at the moment of this blood. That is, it turns out that the very nature of man has been told that is most favorable to him from eating at this stage of human growth.

It is noted that this diet not only improves the metabolism and digestive tract, but also dramatically enhanced immunity. There is also evidence that using this diet eliminates the symptoms of allergies.

Human nutrition, depending on the blood group

Humanity has four blood groups, the incidence of which refers to a different time when the person’s lifestyle and therefore his food ration. Thus, food and blood have a close connection and support each other.

Initially, the vessels of all people bled one group – the first. During this period, as the main food inspired meat. After some time, when people had mastered agriculture began a more inactive lifestyle, people began to consume more plant food, and people – farmers noted the emergence of the second group of blood. Then marked the changeover to the era of the Great Migration, as a result of which people have begun to appear livestock. And in this period was formed the third group of blood. People who have this blood group were first eaten milk. Under the fourth blood group meant the end of the period of migration and mixing of the second and third groups of blood.

Justification diet for blood group

On the diet for blood group can lose weight because the body turns food to which he would have biologically and in history inclined. It means that the metabolism is accelerated and increased immunity. The body begins to get rid of itself of excess fat and toxins’; resulting in weight loss is carried out. Long as the body needs time to rebuild itself. This kind of diet is more apposite for those people who have actually pointed out the problems with the health and figure and who wish to get better their health, lose weight is not as fast as it can achieve a lot of other diets, but qualitatively. Blood group diet provides a specific menu.

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