Blanca tells you their experience with the Dukan diet

dietA favorable testimony for a questionable diet

One of the most questioned diets is the Dukan diet. Nevertheless, in addition to knowing the expert opinion is important to know testimonies of people who have lost weight with this diet.


This is the case of White, who thanks to the Dukan diet managed to lose 25 kilos. If you want to know how he made, do not miss this interview.

Not only is it important to know the opinion of experts, but the testimony of those who carry on a weight loss plan, especially one as important as diet Dukan Diet.

Carrizo Blanca is one of the many people that being overweight or obese have made different types of diets to lose those extra kilos. In this case she achieved this goal thanks to the Dukan diet. Do not miss your success!

How many diets you tried before the Dukan diet

Before coming to the Dukan diet, I was on a diet with my doctor and I also tried the diet Nitrous.How do you get to the Dukan diet.I came to the Dukan diet through a blog in which he spoke of Do not I get thin by Pierre Dukan.

Was it difficult to carry out the Dukan diet

Generally not, except for the first phase. This was the worst, since I had plenty much weight as did the attack phase a week eating only protein foods allowed by the diet.

How much weight lost on this diet

I lost 25 kilos in total. In the early stages I lost 18 kilos and in the maintenance faze 7 more.Were you aware of the side effects that diet can cause?Yes, I was aware, but to feel good and get tested regularly was quiet.

Could you change your eating habits or just lost weight

This diet helped me become aware of my eating habits so far were a complete disaster, so I Metallic to be the last diet you do in life.

Did you suffer I rebound effect

A little, but sports helped me stabilize my weight quickly.Today, the Dukan Diet is not only one of the most famous diets, but a diet of the most contentious, what do you believe?

I understand that there are people who would have failed or that has gone wrong, why I always say that you need to consult our family doctor and have a medical follow-up. Always start with the premise that any weight loss program is good.


What are the differences between the Dukan diet and others have made?The difference I found and attracted me is that there is no limitation on the amounts of allowed foods and other diets. Moreover, they can do a variety of diet-friendly recipes, such as desserts, which make it more bearable if possible.

I recommend this diet

As long as there is no checkup problem and you have consulted with the doctor, yes.Thank you Blanca. Where can you find our readers to know more about your experience? They can find me on my blog Blancher’s Blog

The Dukan diet is one of the popular all-time most famous diets. While the results can be good, do not forget that studies have identified possible adverse effects, especially if you make this diet for long.

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