Beetroot detox purifying water

lose weightA refreshing water with a twist of lemon and rosemary, very good for the liver

Do you like water detox recipes? Then are amazing because they help you not only give a different taste to the water each day, but also provide you wonderful properties. There are many variations that you can try. Now you have touched this delicious detox and cleansing beet water.

Beet water

The detox waters are raging. People do not stop to try them in any format and is always looking for new recipes that help them do detox, cleanse your body, deflated and, incidentally, have something good to drink at any rich time of day. That’s how they end up becoming a fabulous choice.

An excellent idea to prepare a rich water detox is to try beets. They give color and excellent properties. This recipe, on time, is ideal to cleanse the liver, purify the body well, help your digestion and also hydrate you without problems. Be sure to not try this rich recipe!


Two beets

A lemon or lime

A branch of fresh rosemary

A half liter of water if possible mineral or as pure as possible


Peel the beetroot and cut into pieces. Put them into a large pitcher.

Right there adds lemon or lime cut into wedges. Incorporates a large sprig of rosemary, and if you want you can also add mint or whatever you like on herbs.

Fill the jar with a half liter of pure water, if possible. Stop resting in the refrigerator for at least one day, the question of establishing a good friendship flavors together.

Now if this detoxes and has water ready for drinking. You can add ice to drink at the time and obviously it will be dyed with beet leaves everything purple. Advantage, which is rich and very cleansing.

Beet water

What brings you to this water detox

Beets or beets are great for the liver, help the digestive system work better, they are purifying, detoxifying and also help increase urination. Rounding: perfect for cleaning vegetables.

The rosemary and lemon, of course, also provide their cleaning properties. For this reason, be sure to incorporate them, and you help to the blood, digestion and more. Provide flavor and no calories, of route.

Be sure to test these alternatives flavored waters, where you’ll find many examples that will help you to have other healthy and tasty options at hand.

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