Banana Smoothie and coffee energy

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If you like bananas and you like coffee, and also you imagine you might look good together, then be sure to try this energy smoothie. It’s perfect to start the day and replace breakfast with a proposal that will leave you satisfied.

Banana smoothie

Have you ever tried to add coffee to your morning smoothie? It’s a great idea for those who like to consume this drink early in the day as it helps to be good hustler. But it is also true that it is a rather complicated ingredient to incorporate into a smoothie.

This recipe is quite far from this idea because it will show that the combination of banana or banana and coffee possible and looks good. It is ideal for breakfast as it is satisfying, gives energy, has that rush of caffeine, provides milk and is very complete. Also, it is light and healthy. For that matter, why do not you find the ingredients and you prepare?

Details recipe:

Calories: 210

Servings: 1

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 5 minutes


A banana

Half a cup of black coffee with no sugar

Half a cup of milk 0%

A spoonful of oatmeal

Steve or a no-calorie sweetener


Peel the banana and place in the bowl of the mixer. Add oats, 0% fat milk and coffee should be cold or tepid, but not hot.

Preparation processes until you stay a homogeneous and smooth batter. Now, sweetened with stein or your favorite sweetener without calories.

You’ll have this ready to drink, ideal to start the day with the energies of all the ingredients and being quick and perfect breakfast substitute.

Banana smoothie

Does this smoothie is good for losing weight?

It is not necessarily reduced in calories, since the banana is not as light and the recipe has milk. But it is also true that caffeine makes its contribution, you will add fullness and not many calories, so it can be a perfect replacement for breakfast.

On the other hand, incorporates dietary fiber. Helps you incorporate this type of substance from earlier in the day, which is always good to absorb fat and keep the digestive system working. In short, do not expect a miraculous effect of it, but a good ally for those days when you need something filling but healthy for your breakfast.

Extra tips: if you want and you have it enabled, you can also add a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa, which will be great. Nor can deprive you of a try changing the milk, for a plant. It will be just as well.

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