A diet to lose weight

diet to lose weightSample meal under 500 calories

One of the best ways to implement a diet to lose weight, you know examples of low calorie foods that are transformed into a food that you can carry wherever you need. In this article you will find a lunch under 500 calories.

If you are looking to lose weight and do not know how to do, it is important to have an example of light meals, as it is a low-calorie diet, low in fat and high in fiber.

Calorie, fiber hippocras and Brunch

120 gr. lean roast beef.

½ cups cooked brown rice.

½ cup of broccoli.

½ cup carrots.

1 medium apple.

This menu provides protein of high biological value, fiber as to the fats found in meat and dressing to the salad vintages.Also, this is a menu that provides energy since rice is a cereal. Therefore, it is an ideal for school-age children or adolescents meal.

Similarly, providing antioxidants represented in the vitamins and minerals from vegetables, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B complex and magnesium, among others.

Suggestions for this meal healthier and lighter

Cook the vegetables steam. If you cook steamed vegetables you can keep your content in minerals and vitamins, contrary to what happens with vegetables cooked by boiling.

Use light dressings. The best dressing you can use is olive oil, apple cider vinegar and pepper, but if you want you can use light mayonnaise or mustard or ketchup.

Increase fiber to the diet. Another suggestion to increase fiber to this lunch is to eat the apple with skin or shell.

This lunch is an option you can turn it into a food you can carry wherever you need; whether your work, school or where you prefer.

On the other hand, is a fresh meal perfect for spring and summer season, however it reminds keep well refrigerated to prevent the cold chain is broken and the food is contaminated.

When preparing a light lunch, think about food choices, how to cook and how to season them. If you consider these suggestions can develop your own low-calorie, healthy meals.

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