What to lose weight pecking

lose weightWe know that the ideal weight loss is to make a balanced diet, 5 meals a day. For this we must drink at any time. Nutritionists advise drink mid-morning and mid-afternoon, not to get too hungry at meals. But we must choose well what we’re going to take, low calorie foods and little fat.

Shall I make a list of foods to eat between meals and lose weight?

I was afraid that you were going to tell me so. Here goes, and you can include it in your objective diet, act now:

Medium can of green asparagus – 28 cal

2 tangerines – 37 cal

6 pickles, 4 onions 12 olives and capers – 60 cal

-63Calcan of anchovies

14 white grapes – 63 cal

Three cheeses – 75 cal

3 slices of turkey – 77 cal

Toast bread with cheese spread Light -83 cal

Medium banana – 85 cal

25 gr + 15 gr quince cheese – 85 cal

7 -90 lime pickled anchovies

Toast bread with smoked salmon – 91 cal

Can of pickled mussels – 94 cal

60 gr of ham – 95 cal

Stick satiating different flavors 4321 – arkodiet – 95 cal

Pulguita pasta tuna – 100 cal

The snacks should not exceed 100 calories. Also very good accompany an infusion. Balanced diet + regular physical activity is the best way to lose those extra kilos and to lose weight.

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