Weight loss diets

weight loseWhen one gets in his hands the National Geographic expect to see, at least, elephants, tigers or Serengeti Lions.

So it’s no surprise that the American version has caused so much? Surprise, anticipation!? Because on the cover of this month, there is no animal, not, not a wild and exotic landscape .The protagonist is neither more nor less than a sweet appetizing! Accompanied by a question why we can not resist him.

Yeah seriously. Sugar, addictive temptation, our nightmare pecking number one enemy of weight loss diets and, of course, a key factor for losing belly .ESTA on the magazine cover!

But Since when are you interested in National Geographic calories, fat, what are the best diets to lose weight fast or how to lose belly?

Well the thing is much more complicated .Actually; the article devoted to sugar that goes beyond mere cosmetic issue because its use and abuse is becoming a real problem status.

Is that, lately, doing not leave out clinical studies aimed sugar as harmful and unhealthy. It is regarded as one of the largest makers of ever-increasing weight of the population that, despite of that fat intake has declined significantly in recent years, cases of overweight and obesity continue to grow

But it does not stop there, also generates a lot of abdominal fat, Hypertension and diabetes; what is known as Metabolic Syndrome.

The fact is that in the United States, each person consumes an average of 35 kilos of sugar per year! InSpainthe figures are not as high but it is worrying that their intake has soared 20% in recent times.

I have to clarify that not only speak of table sugar because, unfortunately, are sugars, hidden in most processed foods: soft drinks, juices, pastries, sauces, refined flours, many meats, including some yogurts and careful diet products. So, we are not always aware of the amount of sugar ingested through our diet.

How to prevent weight gain control and stay healthy

Nutritionists recommend focusing primarily on complex carbohydrates and a healthy, balanced with fresh products hydrates good carbon diet: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, brown rice.

We now know officially that sugar is one of the main causes of abdominal fat that not all carbohydrates are bad.

Anyway .I should not be surprised that within the tips to lose belly while controlling calories and fat as in any weight loss diet also have to be soon earrings include sugars hidden the account .which brings us. Because like losing belly is not exactly easy and fast losing belly let alone no choice but to closely monitor what we eat.

And you were you following a low fat diet and no way to lose belly? Did you know that sugar was so present in our diet and it very difficult to lose weight?

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