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weight loseWhen you’re struggling to lose weight or just stay fit there is something wanting to prevent you achieves the desired results: your appetite.

Appetite is simply defined as the desire to eat food and if it is not bad but it does not always manifest when your body really needs nutrients to function properly, but sometimes asks you eat like a whim either craving, stress or simply because these reclining in your favorite couch and have nothing to do.

This time I’ll give two simple tips to control your appetite which at times seems uncontrollable.

1. Choose foods slow digestion

The reason for this tip is very simple, the more evening time to digest your food more long will it take the hunger back. It is very important to clarify that slow digestion is not equal to poor digestion because the latter is when a molecule can not be digested by your digestive system.

Then I mention slow digesting foods.

Red meat, chicken, fish, seafood, nuts almonds, hazelnuts, nuts of all kinds, peanuts, starchy foods potatoes, pumpkins, rice, oats, bread cakes and pastries preferably low in sugar and comprehensive ; cheeses, meats, legumes lentils, beans, beans, chickpeas, peas.

The slow digestion of these foods is because they are mainly composed of complex nutrients needed to digest much fractionated

2. Consume foods that cause satiety

There are some foods which by its nature can provoke a rapid feeling of fullness without a big caloric intake. Some factors that cause this feeling are: presence of fiber, food volume, retention in the stomach, among others doneness.

Then I mentioned examples of foods that cause satiety

Broths, creams, rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables with skins, vegetables, whole meal bread, bran cereal among other foods; rich in protein like red meat, fish, seafood and vegetable food besides water.

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