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weight loseOkay, the title of this post may be somewhat controversial, but the reality is that diets themselves that is, what is meant by the term diet does not work to lose weight permanently.

For example, a friend of mine told me that followed a diet of a website yoghurt Vitalize and although this helped you lose 5 kilos in 1 month, told me suddenly and I keep losing weight and has remained the same, although this eating little.

Other people I know have also followed similar diets, such as the Atkins diet low in carbohydrates and even dropped a lot of weight quickly after a while they were standing, they felt weak and tired, and kept no longer losing weight, and Worse, when he abandoned the diet regained their weight just as fast than it fell and worse  extra weight gained by the rebound effect.

Because this happens then

Well, one of the principles that I teach my clients is that they should NOT go on a diet to try to lose weight. At least not a diet in the common sense of the word.

The problem with diets is that even if you’re thousands of work to lose weight temporarily, what we are doing is changing the way we feed ourselves drastically only for a while, confided our metabolism, and resulting in it to adapt to changes lose weight and stop but continue doing the diet or even almost not eat during the day.

Instead, what I recommend is to bring a new style of feeding.

This means change everything you knew or thought before about how to eat, and take your style to the optimum daily feeding style to lose weight, maintain, and improve your health.

For example, some basic tips I suggest are:

Increase consumption of low-fat sources proteins

Eat more green vegetables, reducing the consumption of fruit, and that fruit has more nutrients and less simple sugar compared to the plants, which are also an excellent source of fiber which helps to improve digestion, our carbohydrate metabolism and reduce levels of LDL

Reduce to a minimum or if possible eliminate foods with sugars and simple carbohydrates

Moderate consumption of carbohydrates and mostly consume complex carbohydrates like oats, whole wheat flour, barley bread, corn tortillas, etc.

Do not be afraid of fat. At least not the good fats such as omega-3 that can be found in oily fish and flax seed oil, as well as essential fatty acids also consume oil from canola, safflower, and soybean. As for saturated fats, eat much rationed because even though consume these in excess is not good for health, it is necessary to consume because they play important roles in our metabolism, and hormone manufacture.

And one of the most important of all tips accompanies our new style of feeding a healthy life style in which we include regular exercise. Never mind that exercise is, if you like running, playing soccer or basketball, swim, or dance, is simply regular cardiovascular exercise as well as resistance exercises if you want to lose weight even faster, strengthen and tone your body, and give it a more defined appearance and Aesthetically.

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