Trying to Lose Weight

weight loseWhen trying to lose weight, interdenominational often fall into many errors that hinder us and stop us from achieving the results we expect. Below I will mention some of the most common as well as what you ought to perform instead to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

1: Narrow you’re feed

Many people think that if they only eat fruit, yogurt and bread or crackers, and completely eliminate anything that has fat, succeed in losing weight fast and constantly.

Understatement, so things do not work. Our body is designed so as to be healthy and in good shape and should eat variously optimal balance in all macro nutrients.

And why is that this type of diet does not work? Well, if we feed our body only carbohydrate what we are doing is just saturate our bodies with a macro nutrient that easily turns into fat when there is no space for this is stored as a source of energy in the body.

Our body can only store a certain amount per day convert carbohydrates to glycogen in the muscles and in the liver for use as an energy source, and if you consume more carbohydrates needed what happened is that since there will be more space to store crabs as glycogen, the body will store as fat simply in our adipose tissue, contributing not only to be stuck in our weight loss, but even fat.

To avoid this, we must balance our intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in our way of feeding. What I suggest is a PCG close to 40/35/25, which ratio is optimal for health and weight maintenance.

Also, do not have him aversion to fats. Fats in themselves are not bad. Instead, our body needs to make very important things like hormones, maintaining good insulin sensitivity as well as a smooth and healthy skin.

What we do is try to limit our intake of saturated fat so that only consume enough of these to meet the daily requirements, and increase our intake of good fats which can be found in sources such as flax seed oil and oily fish for omega-3 and omega-6 sources like safflower oil, canola and soybeans, as well as peanuts, nuts, and other seeds.

These essential fatty acids perform important roles in the proper functioning of our immune system, adequate blood pressure and blood platelets, proper lubrication of the joints, and control of the levels of HDL and LDL.

2: Make him listen to the farces of fat burning supplements

How often do we look at an ad supplement stores or on television and we really believe that only by taking the latest breakthrough in fat burning can achieve our goals and remain so without ever making a positive change in our lifestyle ?

Well, please do not feel guilty. Personally I much dislike this kind of companies that living the dreams of people looking to achieve a goal but am not yet aware of the media and the right information to make them, being susceptible to advertising tactics and deception.

I would like to give you a simple rule you can follow: According to research and recent experiments, there is no legal and effective supplement that achieves burn fat by itself.

However, IF supplements that reduce hunger and increase therm genesis, but the first are dangerous to use , and the last are simply extract green tea and caffeine glorified and packaged to be sold at inflated prices.

3: Make him listen to the infomercials and magazines

Personally, my angers me so blatant the way certain companies sell their useless gadgets and belts with deceit and wrong information that distribute in infomercials and magazines trying to sell the latest invention for weight loss.

This includes any equipment that promises results without effort involving exercises, or any band that promises to change without putting an extra from us.

Just to get our body ordinary conditions need to do extra-ordinary things, and this includes an exercise involving a sufficient effort and a well structured nutrition plan to create a caloric deficit resulting in weight loss.

4: Doing hundreds of crunches diet with them waiting

Since the body is not made so that if we use a muscle burn the fat around, thinking that the more we do more abdominal fat burned our abdomen. The same goes for the leg exercises waiting thinner legs or exercise arms hoping these become thinner.

If we want to reduce our body measures in general, the only way is to perform cardiovascular exercise to burn fat throughout the body, and then use weights and resistance exercises to tone and dial a particular area such as the abdomen or arms.

5: Forgetting that everything requires dedication and effort

Losing weight is no easy task, but if you invest enough discipline and effort the results we get will be worth much more than what we had to do, not to mention the improvements to health and self-esteem that entails.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the extra. We must be willing to take that extra to be more disciplined and not abandoning our plans to go out of the ordinary results we have always gotten, and go to extraordinary results through our effort, patience and dedication to what we proposed.

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