Tricks of shakira slimming and lose belly

weight loseNot even 10 months ago that Shakira gave birth to her first child and has fully recovered and the line. But Colombia was not only able to lose weight and lose belly also regain a flat stomach with six pack abs.And that Losing belly fast all we know is another story

True, we saw Shakira fat no more than necessary during pregnancy but still have recorded on the retina that photo with Pique, semi-naked in her enormous belly that looked into the air, just before giving birth to his son Milan.

But do not forget that Shakira spent several years caring line carefully to keep the extra kilos and fat at bay. Proof of this transformation that your body has suffered since the beginning of his career. It was spectacular!

Much thinner with a fibrous body and worked: behind this change in figure is not just a diet to lose weight and burn fat but much stricter sport.

Shakira was always clear, respect; behind your abs there are hours and hours of exercise.So when she got pregnant, knowing how difficult it is to keep the figure has not got carried away by the whims: firstly, followed a healthy diet and balanced with the necessary calories, controlling pecking, fats and sugars. And on the other, the exercise, which was instrumental throughout gestation, practiced Zumba in another post I’ll tell you more about Zumba and dancing as diet.

The result? Only 12 kilos fatter and held a big way, until the last moment. And that, precisely, has been part of the success for later retrieval; because more kilos slimming and lose belly after giving birth is not easy not even naiads Shakira confessed to feeling overwhelmed at first.

The pressure of your weight back as soon as possible to meet their professional contracts forced to undergo a weight loss plan customized hard with her personal trainer but continued practicing Zumba every day without exception!

Shakira tricks to lose weight and lose belly after childbirth are no longer a secret and have nothing miraculous, first take care of food and continue exercising throughout pregnancy to prevent weight gain over. And after delivery, weight loss diet and plenty of exercise to burn stored fat for 9 months, also can be combined with herbal medicine, such as artichoke plants or Camellia, after giving birth, help recover the figure and back to our weight.

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