Tips to lose belly famous

exerciseToday I would like to tell you about changes in eating habits that make almost all famous for losing belly that body and look so perfect. Obviously, like most mortals, everything is based on a healthy and balanced diet, exercise and a medicinal herb accompaniment to favor the removal of fat and excess fluids. Do not think they do things out of the ordinary diet.

I would like to give the example of a successful singer who is wiping out his new album and what will give only initials MC incarnadines sure who tells you when food routine to lose belly continues. You’ll see.

In his last interview in the media, MC is proud of her body and that after the results achieved with its change of eating habits, there is no excuse not to wear a flat stomach in his music. Which has to have that perfect tummy and those legs so toned? I can assure you that is not a miracle Holly wood stunt nor an eating disorder. It is simply a routine based on a balanced diet, exercise, and 2 liters of water to remove toxins.

In addition to following organic and gluten-free diet, the actress is regularly a workout routine that includes exercises like biking, running alongside his pet and dance. However, the key figure is stylized in the practice of Pilates, highly recommended to wear a beautiful belly.

Yes, MC practiced six times a week for one hour. Even her coach said his famous alumna is a girl who works hard to achieve his goal. Constancy is the foundation of success.

This young singer maintains a balanced diet based on fresh, foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Although his work rate, MC try to eat five times a day. Here is an excerpt from your diet:

Breakfast: turkey sandwich with vegetables and cheese. A bowl of fruit with nonfat yogurt and 3 tablespoons of high-fiber cereal.


Food: Salad of raw vegetables, chicken or steamed fish or grilled and fruit.

Mid-afternoon: Apple or stick plus infusion.

Dinner: Mishmash fish can also be chicken or turkey with steamed vegetables.

Besides all this, combined with stretching routines cardiovascular exercise, a great way to burn extra calories.

After your workout, MC can not stop taking a nutritious shake that helps you to recover energy:

1/2 cup coconut water.

1/6 cup of strawberries.

1/4 lemon.

1 tablespoon spinach.

2 ice cubes.

Healthy and delicious, right?

Anyway, I think after all these tips, you should be clear that the famous are not goddesses and look to lose belly and a belly and toned body, you must make changes in our daily routine and especially physical exercise with joy and perseverance.

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