Tips for weight loss

weight loseWhen it comes to weight loss, any tips or technique is more, and if you’ve tried everything, maybe it’s time to make room for new tactics, which appears by rare.

Surround yourself with blue

It is proven that the orange and red stimulate appetite, and deletes the blue. So, buy blue plates and napkins, put on your blue table cloths and even coloring in your water.

Cut your meals

The brain takes 20 minutes to tell your body that it is full, even when you’re full. Eat slower and see more food on the plate the same, but heading will believe that the brain has had enough and send the satiety signal.

Try aromatherapy

They say that smell scents like peppermint oil before a meal can help suppress appetite. Orange oil is also useful for that takes away your hunger before eating.

Eat slowly

Although it sounds illogical, slow eating helps you eat less, therefore the above: The brain takes to alert the body that you are full, and if you eat slow, the signal can reach while still eating, causing you to stop before completing all at home.

Sleeping in the cold

Maybe give you colds but I will lose weight, according to an article in Obesity Reviews. The low temperature makes the body burn calories more having to stay warm, and losing weight.

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