Tips for a good diet

dietMany times we make the mistake of going on a diet as a tremendous effort to lose weight for a special occasion .But dieting and tend to fail in the long run because you get tired and you end up leaving, or you go back to old habits after achieving your goals.

For a diet to be successful, the diet has to be part of your lifestyle and not go down though many kilos in a short time, it is important that weight go down gradually and keep you at your ideal weight.

In general habits you acquire are:

1. Spending more calories than you eat: No need to go crazy counting calories, but look for a consistent way to burn more calories as walking every day, jogging, going to dance classes, etc. Well take care of your diet.

2. Eat foods low in fat: if avoid fried foods, processed with butter or margarine.

3. Avoid sugar and soda decreases the amount of sugar that you put coffee, buy products low in sugar.

4. Eat more fresh foods: Fruits have far fewer calories than foods prepared and are easier to digest. By including them in your food, you will feel full faster, you consume far fewer calories than if you had filled with other foods such as bread, ham, etc. plus you’ll be giving your body vitamins firsthand.

5. Pay attention to portion sizes: To remember the size of the portions at every meal, do not need to complicate everything happening scales or meters, well just remember the following:

Meat portion: Maximum size of the palm of your hand. Can be replaced by other protein foods similar to tofu, chickpeas, etc.

Portion of carbohydrates must be equal to 1 or maximum 2 handfuls.

Serving of fruit or vegetables: the equivalent to 3 handfuls or until you feel satisfied.

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