They eat crabs and what not

fatCarbohydrate is the most used macro nutrient and consumed by the body as a source of readily available energy and efficient use, as they are transformed into glucose through the insulin pancreas.

Ideally, eat complex carbohydrates from low glycerol index, however, this can be a bit tricky, so an easy way to know that eating crabs and what is not is dividing into 2 groups:

1. Complex Carbohydrates

All legumes, all green vegetables, natural oats, and everything that this whole wheat or whole grain or unrefined process.

These are carbohydrates that should be consumed in greater proportion.

2. Carbohydrates Simple

This group falls almost all industrialized, refined flour, biscuits, sweet sliced bread, white bread, pastries, breakfast cereals, candy, and other desserts. This is the type of carbohydrate is essential to avoid and which we should keep consumption to a minimum.

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