The most famous diets lose belly

dietsBack then, using the World Health Day, the search engine Yahoo I unveiled the terms related to health, most wanted during the year. The Top One was for the Dukan Die was at its peak, followed by herbal and cholesterol; as to thin be taking eighth place.

The web portal Yahoo surprised us once again, a few days ago, bringing out the terms that were more grown since the beginning of 2014: Diets 42% and weight loss diets by 19%!

We’re going to do we are creatures of habit and, much as we propose, the Christmas just playing havoc with our weight. Okay maybe not all need to lose weight but who do not need a good cleansing diet or detox to recover from the excesses and return to normal?

To this must be added the effect of New Year, New Life: lose weight, hit the gym, eat a balanced diet, stop smoking and study English are some of the wishes that are repeated year after year, while we eat grapes the night of December 31.

Following weight loss diets; do you know which ones are more fashionable for lowering kilos and fat candies, shortbread, twisted roll of kings and others!

You guessed it another ranking seriously is there anything that Yahoo does not know!

We have all heard of the Lemonade Diet somehow; but you imagined that you would be the diet to lose weight most searched on the Internet at the beginning of this year? I say diet because, in reality, not about eating a certain way but too fast, literally involves taking only a mixture of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne diluted in water all day. An outrage! Moreover, far from new: Lemonade Diet or Master Cleanse Detox Diet was created in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs though, some celebrities like singer Beyonce have relocated from topical.

The second on the list of most wanted is the Moon Diet: one that goes fast but with comical help.

The third place is for Purifying Diet Soup or fat-burning: the recipe for many years circulating by word of mouth and also the subject of web search.

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