Physical exercise in the elderly

Physical exercisePhysical exercise in the elderly When is an elderly person

It is very difficult to determine when the period of human development commonly known as seniors begins. Experts in human evolution not agree as to when old age begins, and it will depend on many factors that affect the life that has been: food, activity, line of work, lived events, form to talk to them, etc. Hence we can say that chronological age does not define aging although in our society seems to be accepted as the starting point of this stage of life corresponding to retirement time, whether or not worker lively, attainment this around 65.

Is aging a disease

Over the years, the body undergoes changes that affect each person differently. On the one hand they age, the body becomes acquiring a new image, increase wrinkles, graying hair, and weight etc varies. Also there is a reduction of certain powers, premature fatigue, forgetfulness etc. But this does not mean that you are sick, on the contrary, we must live this step absolutely, as amazing natural, living with this process of healthy and optimistic way.

When you reach this stage of life people can find the time for activities that have been postponed for lack of time or the need to focus attention and effort on responsibilities that are now released. It is well known that very rigid parents with their children become permissive grandparents. It’s over in their responsibilities under the social organization active adults, which allows many people to manifest in a more natural way, and in many cases with greater human component to reach old age. Learn to take advantage of these opportunities for personal development that offers offsets move up years, sometimes by far the physical changes that come with time.

It should be very clear about the difference between the signs of aging and disease. Although there are no recipes for eternal youth, there are aspects that can be controlled and that will continue with an active lifestyle, aging in a gentle way and less traumatic.

Should the elderly physical exercise

The first message is to be done to reach older people is that they should be active in their daily lives. Many people have a dynamic life without the need to participate in formal exercise programs. Through daily chores, such as domestic work, You can keep an appropriate level of activity. Ideally enhance simple occupations such as gardening, DIY or daily walks. Must fight, to the extent that it can, with inactivity. Obviously a healthy state of body and spirit, favored a peaceful aging.

Although physical ability declines with age, the degree of reduction in physical activity is also associated, in many cases, lack of appetite or because of social conditioning stimuli.

Have to affect the generation of stimuli as a means of reducing premature physical degradation. The addition of entail physical activity benefits the individual also acts to society by reducing costs in health care and welfare.

What benefits involves physical exercise in the elderly

Improves sense of well being.Improves in general physical and mental health.Helps maintain independent lifestyles.

Reduces the risk of developing certain diseases. It helps to control diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia. Helps reduce the effects of certain disabilities and may promote the treatment of some pathology with pain.

However it is significant to be acquainted with that many of these benefits require regular and ongoing participation and can quickly become reversible if returned to inactivity.

What risks involves physical exercise in the elderly

In general, moderate exercise does not involve risks to the elderly. The problem usually arises in understanding what each means for moderation. Clearly, the overestimation of their own abilities, competitiveness or trying to keep a similar to other past may involve serious dangers to be taken into account physical tone.

The risks of exercise at this time of life are mainly in two areas:

First there is a latent cardiovascular risk.

Secondly we appreciate the existence of this disease and osteoporosis, which is characterize by decrease bone mass, makes the affected bones are more porous and fracture more easily than normal bone. If it has the small fragile musculoskeletal trauma injury can become very important.

Should make prior medical examination

Is the doctor first to be evaluated through the person’s medical history and a thorough physical examination, the ability to perform physical exercise? The effectiveness of these medical examinations must be seen in a proper cost / performance ratio, as it is impossible to perform all tests that could detect pathology. No protocol is entirely satisfactory. It is adapted according to the history and physical examination, different complementary studies that may be required.

In general all the alterations that occur in the elderly as part of the process of aging, sedentary lifestyle or as a result of chronic diseases should be explored carefully before prescribing an exercise agenda.

Frequently, when assessing the degree of physical fitness, there are significant reductions in fitness compared to younger people, although older who exercise doing all his life, may have a high capacity. There are numerous studies in older athletes, both male and female, where they found marked physiological differences when compared with untrained persons of the same age.

It is recommended that the frequency of medical examinations is at least twice a year and when an abnormality is present.

Once the tolerance of the older person to suffer physical overload, should provide that forms of effort are the most appropriate.

Keep in mind that in general, there is always a physical or sporting activity recommended whatever the state of health of a person, so it is very important to the proper determination of the physical capacity to properly set the type and intensity of exercise to perform. If this is not possible or there are serious limitations, walking or swimming are always good choices

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