How to lose belly eating 5 times a day

weight loseYou can be a little contradictory having to eat 5-6 times a day when following a correct diet plan in order to lose weight healthily.Do you can ask why all nutritionists recommend these guidelines for losing belly fast?

Well, this week I want to give you a good reason why all of this. Unfortunately, reading comments from various forums how to lose weight and how to eat properly, I find true absurdities that make me think of little nutritional education that most of the population. We must change this mentality for the sake of our future generations. The percentages of overweight should decrease with proper nutrition. Everyone should know how to follow a healthy and balanced diet. WHO already was warning for some time? The prevalence of overweight in the Spanish population is 34.2% alarmingly increasing rates of childhood overweight, one of the highest in the world.

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Lose belly diet and weight loss

dietYou want a smooth flat stomach, no accumulated fat

There are many tips and tricks to lose belly; from the use of reducing creams passing through novel techniques of aesthetic medicine, specific exercises for that area, including natural remedies and herbs to lose weight and burn fat and we will see everyone in successive post promised!

Lose fast and effortless tummy

Vamooses those miracles do not exist! It is far easier to lose weight lose belly: burn waist fat is a real distance race.

In addition, lack a key name. So that without it, much physical exercise you do is soon hard to reach the goal.

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Tricks of shakira slimming and lose belly

weight loseNot even 10 months ago that Shakira gave birth to her first child and has fully recovered and the line. But Colombia was not only able to lose weight and lose belly also regain a flat stomach with six pack abs.And that Losing belly fast all we know is another story

True, we saw Shakira fat no more than necessary during pregnancy but still have recorded on the retina that photo with Pique, semi-naked in her enormous belly that looked into the air, just before giving birth to his son Milan.

But do not forget that Shakira spent several years caring line carefully to keep the extra kilos and fat at bay. Proof of this transformation that your body has suffered since the beginning of his career. It was spectacular!

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What to lose weight pecking

lose weightWe know that the ideal weight loss is to make a balanced diet, 5 meals a day. For this we must drink at any time. Nutritionists advise drink mid-morning and mid-afternoon, not to get too hungry at meals. But we must choose well what we’re going to take, low calorie foods and little fat.

Shall I make a list of foods to eat between meals and lose weight?

I was afraid that you were going to tell me so. Here goes, and you can include it in your objective diet, act now:

Medium can of green asparagus – 28 cal

2 tangerines – 37 cal

6 pickles, 4 onions 12 olives and capers – 60 cal

-63Calcan of anchovies

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Causes and how to lose belly

lose weightOne of the big concerns that men and women alike, is what to do to lose belly. Well, if you’re in this group, you should know that through diets to lose belly, you can achieve your goal. Actually a comprehensive treatment is the best option and within this, some important is to follow a diet to lower achieve our goal.

Firstly it is important to know what are the possible causes of having belly.

Food causes: diet high in calories, saturated fats and simple or refined carbohydrates carbon. Eating quickly.

Lack of physical exercise.


I slow metabolism.

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Food to lose belly

dietDo you remember that in my last article I told you I would tell you the key foods to lose belly? Well, this week I will give some clues to finally get it.

To lose weight and remove several inches of abdomen, the best you can do is go on a diet to lose belly containing the most powerful foods to speed up metabolism. And also help with specific exercises, which incidentally are not the abs.

But first things first. First I will tell you what are the foods that you must integrate your eating plan and will also give you a good example of a day of this diet, so that you carry out and you see the results.

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Mediterranean diet to lose belly

lose weightIf we want to lose belly, especially because we feel swollen, there is nothing better than the Mediterranean diet, as it has anti-inflammatory effect. This will help us desirableness to lower belly, and even reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

What to be the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet

Is mainly due to its richness in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3. Also by the large number of plants, which is a cause of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants?

I am going to give a basic understanding of how to follow the Mediterranean diet good to have this anti-inflammatory action, and therefore help us lose belly.

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How to lose belly and not feel puffy

dietAvoid excesses sweeteners, because although it has fewer calories than sugar, has a lot of sodium, and will we hold liquids.

The best steamed vegetables, and if you can not make them fresh, frozen better than canned. All preserved more sodium is added.

Avoid ready meals, as they come loaded with salt and fat unwise for a healthy, light and cleansing diet.

It takes fewer stimulants you may need to keep you going and what it takes, but these stimulants, do not help to detox. As your body cleanses will give you more performance with less effort and therefore have more energy.

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Changing habits healthy and lose belly

exerciseTo lose belly is necessary to observe two very important aspects: diet and physical activity. The latter complements to food not only increasing caloric expenditure, but also working to harden the belly and reduce it.

A good example of diet to lose belly is a balanced diet in which food is distributed so that high-carbohydrate foods are consumed more during the first half of the day   after lunch and begin to eat more protein-rich foods. With this type of diet increases metabolism and fat consumed faster than they are around the belly.

There are no magic formulas or miracle diets. Belly to lose is to learn to eat. The main foods that increase belly are white flour and its derivatives. So it is advisable to eliminate or reduce our diet; surely notice a difference.

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Easy recipes to lose belly this christmas

dietThen I’ll show you 2 healthy food recipes that will help you lose belly these special days: celery and asparagus. Two indisputable allies in balanced diets because they are high in water, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Come on, a good choice for Christmas.

1. Cream of celery orange

Ingredients for 4 people:

400 g fresh celery.

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