Cardiovascular Exercise

exerciseAlienate healthily and exercising is the best strategy for good health and of course get the body you want. That is why the supplement to this plan is a simple but efficient cardio routine.

I would give you two alternatives of training. Note that in either of the two options you can practice different types of aerobic exercise preferably running, riding a bike or elliptical machine.

The first is recommended for beginners and consists of a session of 5 intervals of 4 minutes each row to complete all 20 minutes of exercise. Each range will consist of three minutes of low to medium intensity followed by a minute of high intensity. These intensity changes elevate your oxygen consumption post-exercise which results in burning more calories at rest after exercising.

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Express Weight Loss Plan

weight loseThere are occasions where a special event where we show off a slim figure or just want to look good in our next beach holiday is coming, but we only have a few days to achieve lose those extra kilos.

The person that you like you just invited to a wedding to accompany him as his partner, it’s time that both you expected but there is one small detail; not you so excited about going to buy a fitted dress night because you know you have several extra pounds more and only have a few weeks to discrete them.

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Fitness Myths

weight loseAll of us have heard a number of statements which are intended to be true when we got to a gym but are just myths and then I will mention some of them.

1. While you consume more protein, more is your muscle gain.

Our body has the ability to use only a certain amount of protein due to various factors such as the type of metabolism, physical activity, muscle mass and others. If you consume more protein than your body can absorb your body will convert fat to accumulate as energy, in short it will become an annoying belly; and dismiss the urine through the leftover components that are untapped.

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Healthy Eating

weight loseA common problem when it comes to weight loss is that after having the knowledge, willingness and motivation needed to achieve the reality you find that your daily activities prevent you invest the time and effort required to plan your new eating and exercise or you is very hard to eat healthy when your schedule is filled with social events in which all kinds of dishes are served with a very high or perhaps difficult caloric intake resulting choose the best option from the menu when you have to attend a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of a friend or simply because these away, you die of starvation and the place with the big M is the closest option. This should not be an obstacle to achieving your goals, much less something that achieves discouraged. Then I will give you some simple tips that will add the difference.

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Keep Extra Kilos

Lose Extra KilosChristmas, full of conviviality, love and good wishes abounding harmony, fellowship and especially tables filled with delicious dishes that are not consumed regularly at other times of the year that invite us to eat more than we usually season approaches. This leads us to have a January remorseful which is quite a feat into those jeans you were perfect before December began.

I have good news! This Christmas will be different and still enjoy your favorite holiday preparations can finalize without having gained weight.

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Diet or Lifestyle

dietWhen we believe about losing weight the first thing that comes to mind is go on a diet and run to the internet to look for fad diets or go with a friend or friend to us through the diet with which low kilos and kilos or just we go to a nutritionist to give us a personalized diet.

The word comes from the Greek diet they Dayta meaning way of life and regime in turn has several meanings among which are: how to govern or set of rules that regulate feeding. Normally we adopt the second meaning of the word by which a diet always see it as something that tax becomes very tedious and difficult to follow.

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We can eat ice cream in our diets lose weight?

Diet fastWe are in summer, there are cities in which to exceed 40 ° and we feel chilly things, beers, red summer, ice cream .We’ve been doing a sacrifice throughout the winter, making balanced diet, counting calories than we take, looking at the type of fat in our food . We’re going to spoil now?, we have no reason, I’ll give you a recipe for making poles fruit that only have 70 calories and frozen yogurt.

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Bread keeps losing weight

weight loseWe all know from when the bread between us, nothing more and nothing less than from jests! And as a test, there is the parable of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes.

But speaking more seriously, have been found in excavations, breads than 5000 years before Christ, even in excavations of ancient Egypt and Babylon. And certainly not know that yeast was discovered by the Hebrews you. Therefore it is a food since ancient times.

Lately the bread has had a bad press, and has been presented as a food with enough calories, it has been said that prevents us lose weight, it also prevents us from losing belly because fermented and has even been said, there is little healthy. All this has caused a decline in the consumption of this food.

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Weight loss diets

weight loseWhen one gets in his hands the National Geographic expect to see, at least, elephants, tigers or Serengeti Lions.

So it’s no surprise that the American version has caused so much? Surprise, anticipation!? Because on the cover of this month, there is no animal, not, not a wild and exotic landscape .The protagonist is neither more nor less than a sweet appetizing! Accompanied by a question why we can not resist him.

Yeah seriously. Sugar, addictive temptation, our nightmare pecking number one enemy of weight loss diets and, of course, a key factor for losing belly .ESTA on the magazine cover!

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Good Weight Loss Tips

weight loseGood Weight Loss Tips

If you want to lose weight is very important to use enough powder Formula 1!

Two spoonfuls with 250 cc of liquid is necessary.

If you do smoothies strong enough, the body will be hungry and also going to lose weight easily and with the least possible effect of yoyo.

However, if you do the milkshake strong enough, do not go hungry and become slim in a balanced way, because the body will be fed in a perfect manner.

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