weight loseOverweight is a term used to say that a person has more body fat than necessary for the functioning of the body.

Overweight is very common among people today, especially in the Western world, as in the U.S. and other developed nations, where the food of poor nutritional quality is abundant and accessible, and exercise is not a habit that is practiced commonly .

Recent studies have revealed that almost more than 3 in 5 adults in the United States are overweight.For the body is healthy, it requires a certain percentage of body fat, being between 20% and 25% in women, and between 15% and 20% in men, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the hormonal system , immune, and reproductive, apart from serving as an alternative source of energy for the body.

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Exercises to Lose Weight

lose weightIn this article I will show which are the most effective exercises to lose weight, reshape your body, and get a slim and sexy figure, but first I would like to dispel a great myth that has been around for a long time about this topic is NOT possible measures to reduce or burn fat in one area of the body using a specific exercise.

For example, not doing crunches will make you burn fat in the area of the waist and abdomen, although it will help to tone and make your abdominal muscles, which will come out only when you have decreased your body fat enough so that become visible.

Similarly, doing biceps locks with weights not directly burn fat in the arm and doing squats will make your legs fat is removed directly.

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Trying to Lose Weight

weight loseWhen trying to lose weight, interdenominational often fall into many errors that hinder us and stop us from achieving the results we expect. Below I will mention some of the most common as well as what you ought to perform instead to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

1: Narrow you’re feed

Many people think that if they only eat fruit, yogurt and bread or crackers, and completely eliminate anything that has fat, succeed in losing weight fast and constantly.

Understatement, so things do not work. Our body is designed so as to be healthy and in good shape and should eat variously optimal balance in all macro nutrients.

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Fat Burning

lose weightMany people have been deceived by all the false advertising we see in the media, and forced to believe any of the following lies:

No need to change your nutrition or exercise, one takes this new supplement.It is necessary to burn fat effectively lose weight.Take this new fat burning and will lose 2 kilos per week.This could not be further from the truth.The reality is that 95% of the fat burning products NOT useless.

Most of them are made from ingredients that have not been scientifically proven in its ability to increase metabolism and reduce body fat, and just sold making false and unsubstantiated promises.

Moreover, it is very common to see models, both men and women appear in advertisements for these products, making us think that they got their physical appearance to such product, even making this even more effective deception.

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Weight lose diet

weight loseOkay, the title of this post may be somewhat controversial, but the reality is that diets themselves that is, what is meant by the term diet does not work to lose weight permanently.

For example, a friend of mine told me that followed a diet of a website yoghurt Vitalize and although this helped you lose 5 kilos in 1 month, told me suddenly and I keep losing weight and has remained the same, although this eating little.

Other people I know have also followed similar diets, such as the Atkins diet low in carbohydrates and even dropped a lot of weight quickly after a while they were standing, they felt weak and tired, and kept no longer losing weight, and Worse, when he abandoned the diet regained their weight just as fast than it fell and worse  extra weight gained by the rebound effect.

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Tips for healthy eating

dietEnlarge not repeated a thousand times becomes less certain: the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in the diet is essential for healthy implementation.

Surely a lot of of the point of the Decalogue which proposes the Spanish Society of Family Medicine in order to achieve a healthier diet will not sound new.

But if the ‘method’ is well known why we find it sometimes so hard to implement it? Eating a balanced diet is essential not only to guard the line but, even more important for a healthy body.

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Tips for a good diet

dietMany times we make the mistake of going on a diet as a tremendous effort to lose weight for a special occasion .But dieting and tend to fail in the long run because you get tired and you end up leaving, or you go back to old habits after achieving your goals.

For a diet to be successful, the diet has to be part of your lifestyle and not go down though many kilos in a short time, it is important that weight go down gradually and keep you at your ideal weight.

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weight lose plane

weight loseWhen you’re struggling to lose weight or just stay fit there is something wanting to prevent you achieves the desired results: your appetite.

Appetite is simply defined as the desire to eat food and if it is not bad but it does not always manifest when your body really needs nutrients to function properly, but sometimes asks you eat like a whim either craving, stress or simply because these reclining in your favorite couch and have nothing to do.

This time I’ll give two simple tips to control your appetite which at times seems uncontrollable.

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Guide to Better Food

weight loseHello again everyone! Excuse my absenteeism on the blob, I’ve been busy with various projects and unfortunately had not had a chance to spend time on this blow.

I would like to revive the bog providing them something I’ve seen that many have asked me an example of an ideal eating plan.

Well, first of all would like to emphasize that there is no diet or ideal meal plan that everyone fits in general, but that if the ideal is that the food plan suits each person, that each person has their own unique eating plan based on your personal tastes, metabolism and physical activity, among other factors.

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