Objectives of New Year to lose belly

dietFirst of all, wish you a very Happy 2014. I hope you have begun the year with much strength and energy because you have to give everything to continue our main goal is to lose weight and learn to lead a healthy and balanced diet.

Remember that this year is still just as important to control eating habits by reducing the amount of dietary fat. To conscienceless it here are my top tips of 2014 to lose belly and feel detached suppurated.

What to eat to lose belly

Methods using low-fat cooking

Oven, microwave, boiling, pressure cookers, grill or griddle, steaming, etc.

Fried foods with sauces or oils, fatty meats, sausages, cheeses and whole milk, vegetable soup, pasta sauces, chips, fried eggs, mayonnaise, margarine, ice cream, etc.

Iron, grill, microwave, boil, steam, etc.

Lean chicken, rabbit, turkey and beef promptly.

Sausages turkey breast, ham, prostitute, lean, jerky.

Fat dairy, Light,Cheeseburger.

Vegetable salad with vegetables.

Pasta with tomato and vegetables and boiled or baked potatoes on time.

Eggs poached, boiled, scrambled, omelets, pigeon, iron.

Mayonnaise Light, moderate consumption.

Sorbets, ice lilies, frozen yoghurt.

To dress and reduce fat intake using hidden

Herbs and spices: oregano, bay leaf, coriander, parsley, basil, mint, nutmeg, curry, pepper, paprika, cinnamon, etc.

Yogurt sauces alone or lowered with lemon.

Mayonnaise or sauces low calorie dressing.

Vinegar or vinaigrette.

Lemon, grated fresh ginger, grated radish.

The next point of action this year is to increase physical activity.

How much exercise to do to lose weight

It is not necessary to practice a physical activity that leads to an extreme effort. Just an aerobic physical activity reduced, 30-40 minutes a day and can be as simple as walking or fast pace. The exercise will help us to expend calories, stimulate your metabolism and make us feel much better, managing stress and reducing anxiety.

If we add to all this treatment with medicinal plants we will help control weight and lose belly more easily. You must be well s you informed of medicinal plants that can help us burn fat, remove fluid and control appetite. Here is the important role of the pharmacist to guide us according to the causes and types of overweight.

Well, little by little I’ll give more details of how to lose weight and lose more bellies. To start the year I believe it’s fine, right?

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