Lose belly with good clear ideas

dietOverweight and obesity is a health problem of the first order, but so is the number of people performing unbalanced diets, they eat wrong product or simply stop eating just to lose belly. In these cases, the health concern that is often not directed us to make nutritionally crazy diets that social pressure but frowns overweight. Such is the magnitude of the problem that we can let go of doctors or nutritionists advice to follow often unfounded beliefs that are not true. There go a few ideas to value:

Eating breakfast helps to lose belly

The engine of our body works best when split gasoline several times a day when we put fuel only once in a great feast. In addition, starting several times a day the engine is a digestive spending than do calories in one sitting. Come on, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day is vital never to skip it. Small subsection, we always talk about a balanced breakfast nutritionally speaking.

Diets Does that make us lose weight fast

All are characterized by being absurd despite its popularity. Of little importance that is based on not eating or eating a single thing only protein, do not mix this with that, only rice, only strawberries, apple syrup, etc. Finally thins, sure, but pure hunger body develop malnutrition, and suffers damage. Quickly turns to fat. There is an imbalance of nutrients needed by the body. Weight loss is gradual and progressive.

Does bread make you fat

A typical serving of bread gives us, in addition to carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins of group B. If, in addition, an integral can be an excellent source of fiber. And a normal 60g serving contains about 150 kilocalories. Just do not abuse and much better in the morning.

Legumes help us lose belly

Dried beans cooked consistently and moderate 1-2 times per week without excessive sausage or bacon is a great source of protein and carbohydrates that may well become a second home. We must never ignore them in a healthy and balanced diet.

Sugar slim

Losing body water with heavy sweating can decrease our weight that recover immediately after drinking water. Remember that fat is not dissolved, as many believe, in sweat or urine.

Well dear, I think it is worth remembering the basics of proper nutrition: it must be varied and balanced enough. In it, can not miss the staples: vegetables, fruits, olive oil, legumes, cereals and milk in the quantities and culinary preparation methods that are best suited to our needs.

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