Lose belly with diet

dietHands up, this or that, which does not dream of getting a smooth flat belly or six pack like Shakira Bustamante? A dream! It does not have that. It is not easy to get rid of the belly and get the coffee bar but not impossible!

The key is undoubtedly the record accompanied an iron will to carry out all the tips for losing belly:

If, in addition to lower belly, you can spare a few kilos first diet is essential; must go by steps. To do this, you need to follow a diet to lose weight healthy and balanced, control calories, fat and sugar.

At this point in the film, you’ve probably realized that diet alone is achieved not lose belly and that exercise becomes essential in the fight to burn abdominal fat but also prevent sagging skin and firm tissues.Ideally properly combine aerobic, anaerobic and stretching exercises.

For example, four days a week, devote yourself to cardio like running, Swimming, spinning, Zumba. And, for the most fit and discerning the Body Combat that causes furor in theU.S.and much ofEurope, both to relieve stress and burn calories.

In addition, to give the body time to recover .Is critical interlayer three times a week as anaerobic exercises toning with weights, abdominal boards, to define and mark and stretching exercises to improve the elasticity, flexibility and more.

Another basic is herbal medicine: there are medicinal plants and natural products to lose weight and lose belly; or rather, to help it. In fact, all weight loss diet that price, it debugged before to accelerate the process.

But what can help us Artichoke Diet to lose belly

Well, the famous diet exploits the properties of two medicinal plants: Artichoke and Camilina or Green Tea.

The first, which improves renal and digestive elimination is used in weight control for its cleansing action of the liver as well as improving digestion and gas, is slightly diuretic and laxative well, ideal for deflating belly .

As for Green Tea, there are many studies that make this plant a great help for weight loss: decrease fat absorption, stimulates metabolism to burn more calories and helps against water retention among other functions, all essential to lower belly.

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