Lose belly radiance

slimWhen we start to run to the supermarket diet to fill our pantry Light products, but is it true that everything Light is allowed in a low calorie diet

For the truth is that the Light tagline created much controversy, because in Spain for a product is Light must carry at least 30% fewer calories than the original analog, so that t odor will depend on the calories produce the original product.

What light foods are allowed on a diet

So if you are consuming Light cheese fries Light, light mayonnaise, butter or sweets Light will remain products with high caloric profile, or what is the same thing that they are not suitable in a hypo caloric diet, because despite having less calories than the original will remain high in calories.

In addition many of these products have some sweeteners to lower the total calories, and if we abuse them because some deception in our body, we will increase the secretion of insulin, sugar will deplete and eventually we will have more hungry! So I omits with Light products.

For example, a dairy Light if appropriate in the diet, because what they do is decrease, so that other nutrients are still there and will have lowered the calorie count without losing nutrients.

Also be aware of products with no sugar or fat, because if we say only sugar are not giving us information about fat, and is sure to be rich in fat to enhance flavor. Likewise with nonfat often will remove fat and sugars added to compensate the loss of flavor.

Definitely if you want to see if a product we can afford it or not the diet we have to look at is the calories per 100 grams and calculate the calories you will eat with the portion we go eat.

If you want to lose belly fat, if you want to lose fat and have a healthy weight, get in the hands of an expert to advise you to fill your pantry with healthy foods and planting advice you can go right to help you in your weight loss, green tea artichoke or the one that best suits your profile.

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