Lose belly diet and weight loss

dietYou want a smooth flat stomach, no accumulated fat

There are many tips and tricks to lose belly; from the use of reducing creams passing through novel techniques of aesthetic medicine, specific exercises for that area, including natural remedies and herbs to lose weight and burn fat and we will see everyone in successive post promised!

Lose fast and effortless tummy

Vamooses those miracles do not exist! It is far easier to lose weight lose belly: burn waist fat is a real distance race.

In addition, lack a key name. So that without it, much physical exercise you do is soon hard to reach the goal.

Already did you guess

The cornerstone for a flat belly diet is but not everyone, like losing belly is a process that takes time, those quick weight loss diets are not effective because it fails to burn abdominal fat reduction although several kilos. They also produce a rebound effect and sagging and that’s the last thing you want!

The ideal diet for a flat stomach is, above all, a balanced diet low in fat control calories if you need to lose weight but rich in nutrients. In it, you can not miss the fiber vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruits, low fat dairy products yogurt, cheese and milk, fish protein without forgetting the rich blue fish in Omega 3, lean meat chicken, turkey, rabbit, eggs and good fats in moderation olive oil, nuts, avocado.

What to avoid? Mainly saturated fats, fried, breaded, stews, pastries, cakes, sweets, snacks , meats and fatty meats, sauces, precooked food but also alcohol, soft drinks and too much caffeine.

In addition, it is essential to 5 meals a day including a snack mid-morning and the afternoon snack, eat slowly, chew well and drink 2 liters of water a day.

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