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Lose Extra KilosChristmas, full of conviviality, love and good wishes abounding harmony, fellowship and especially tables filled with delicious dishes that are not consumed regularly at other times of the year that invite us to eat more than we usually season approaches. This leads us to have a January remorseful which is quite a feat into those jeans you were perfect before December began.

I have good news! This Christmas will be different and still enjoy your favorite holiday preparations can finalize without having gained weight.

Then I will give you a number of tips that apply to different countries almost certainly will spend this holiday season and a few more in general that can implement very easily no matter what part of the world you are.

The main Christmas dinner which is a very good choice over the leg of pork because it contains only 8g total fat per 100g. It is important to remove the skin and cuts like brisket prefer above the thigh or leg, be careful consumption of the filling of this because it is high in fat and normally when using their limit the amount or opt for light versions.

Another dish used mainly in the Midwest are rootlets which, personally is the best Christmas dinner options as it contains carbohydrates almost, no one gram of fat and is a good source of iron and vitamins. Cod is another very good alternative as it provides very little fat, 2g total of this per 100g and contains no carbohydrates.

In every Mexican household can not miss the traditional tamales in a holiday dinner. In preparing these should watch how much butter as far as possible when forming a piece not include abundant mass care, also prefer stuffed bean and cheese or chicken above beef and the contribution of pig fat. Dessert is very accustomed to consume donuts which have a high caloric intake for their carbohydrate content and frying in its preparation, it is always advisable to prefer fruit desserts.

In this country the roast chicken which is a very good option for the method of preparation that needs no oil or butter and like the turkey is important not to consume the skin and the breast is usually preferred. The Easter bread is a traditional dessert widely consumed in Chilean homes which, like all bread, has a significant caloric content for their carbohydrate intake but it is still a good alternative as it prepares dessert with nuts such as walnuts and / or almonds and not used to be a very sweet as some other bread.

This country has delicious Christmas dishes among which are phonon. This is a confectionery product which can be sweet or savory. The sweet version is usually filled with fruit, whipped cream or caramel; fruit filling is preferable over the other versions because it contains fewer carbohydrates. In the salty pinion we find stuffed meats or mayonnaise, it has fewer calories compared to fresh as long as not the filling with mayonnaise.

There is another very used Thune vital dish called beef based which I consider a very good choice because the beef contains only 8g total fat per 100g. At the time of the preparation is very important to remove fat peseta and prefer low-fat mayonnaise. Christmas dinner across this country you can not miss a salad, always essential in a balanced meal and when dressings are not consumed or consumed in very little quantity or prefer low fat options.

This is very used traditional pantone, is a bun made with brioche dough, raisins and candied or crystallized fruits. It has a large caloric intake by its carbohydrate content is therefore saucer with which we should be more careful this Christmas. Besides phaeton desserts are consumed within the wide range of these is preferable consumption preferably not dried fruits and candied grapes are very good option too.

At dinner preparations based prefer fish, turkey or pollard in this order. In salads equally careful with dressings or consumption prefer lighter versions as counsel in the case of Argentina.

In this country the Christmas turkey consumption is increasingly accustomed this is beneficial. If your home still prefer pork dishes based on frequent low-fat cuts such as loin or ham.

A traditional dish in this country is the blancmange dessert with high caloric content mainly carbohydrates. In preparing a very good option would be to use low fat milk and the least amount of sugar or replace traditional table sugar fructose.

In Venezuela it is customary, as in many other countries, consuming preparations of pork which I recommend low-fat cuts such as those mentioned in the case of Colombia, loin and ham. Alpacas is a dish widely consumed at this time, this is a food with a fat content considerably by the use of pork, beef and chicken also in preparing oil is used so it is important to moderate the consumption of this dish .

At this time no matter where you are is essential to take care of what we take to prevent weight gain. Different sweet drinks which we consume in moderation or in preparation to replace traditional sugar fructose. In the case of alcoholic beverages as always advisable not to consume or otherwise moderate consumption because of its high carbohydrate content.

My main advice is that no matter how healthy or light may become the dish we eat, if we eat too much we will not achieve our goal to not gain weight at this time. It is essential, as in all other seasons, eat until satiety and not go beyond as well as having problems digesting the extra kilos are inevitable.

With these tips you will live a safe different from previous remorse and guilt-free Christmas.

Enjoy a nice life with family and friends, and remember that rich food is just something that goes into the background.

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