Intention lose belly

exerciseThere is nothing left for Christmas, within a week, dinners and meals with families, meetings with friends .etc start.

When they get this time many of us miss not having followed a strict diet during the year or exercising more and becomes one of the purposes for the following year, however today we offer a crash diet, ‘the Artichoke diet: 7 days plan.

What is the diet of the artichoke

Contrary to popular belief, l Artichoke diet is not to eat for only time eating artichokes; it is convenient to eat all kinds of food so that we do not lack any essential nutrient: fruit, vegetables, So we have to follow a healthy, balanced diet while cleansing and fat-burning; to thereby turn to the properties of the artichoke, a purifying plant character, associated with fennel, that has the ability to remove toxins from the body, the two properties, we added causing weight loss easier.

What effect does the diet of the artichoke

The primary goal of diet artichoke is coupled with depurative and weight loss. If you are concerned about water retention and toxins, the diet of the artichoke is a good tool to achieve your goal.

Remember that any diet must be accompanied by physical exercise, with walking an hour a day, depending on the pace, you can get to burn about 200-300 kcal, coupled with a healthy diet, we would meet our objectives.

There are supplements that can help us, such as artichoke ampoules, available in two standard versions and forte. Akofluido Artichoke Forte contributes to weight loss and elimination of toxins. In this version forte Mate also contains artichoke helping degradation occurring fats during digestion and Uva to facilitate the elimination of toxins. Centre ampoule daily, and our plan would be complete one week, to be ready to face the holidays.

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