How to lose weight running

lose weightRunning has become fashionable in many countries, it is one of the cheapest and easiest to exercise and get fit forms. Before many people rejected the boredom of jogging for half an hour, alone unable to hear anything but the sound of his shoes on the floor and breathing. But technological advances to the consumer as the bipod and Mp3 have made today slimming running while listening to your favorite music is a choice by opting increasingly people eager to get in shape.

Running is one of the forms of exercise there fuller. Also, if the plan year is accompanied by a diet and healthy lifestyle is possible to lose weight running. However, it can also be a dangerous form of exercise, especially for people with heart problems or obesity, so you should always start slowly and, if possible, on the advice of an expert or a personal trainer.

But here are some basic tips for those wishing to lose weight running.Consuming fewer calories. Our body stores excess calories as body fat. So to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories or burn energy. One of the exercises is to burn more calories jogging or running sees table calories per exercise.

Health benefits of running. It’s easier to follow a weight loss diet running. Diets not only lost body fat but also muscle mass and water. Furthermore, when a diet is difficult to follow fight the constant temptation. It is much easier to lose weight running and is also healthier because exercise not only burns calories, but also strengthens muscles, tones the body and improves metabolism. You can still eat all kinds of food without gaining weight, have better physical appearance, less stress and better health in general.

Running and improve metabolism. By improving metabolism in general and increase your percentage of muscle, laughing regularly run their energy consumption is also improved throughout the day. With the passage of time, for every 10 km. running a week, balancing your body weight will be set to a kilo less.

Calculate daily calories needed. To calculate how much calories your body needs daily if not get much exercise, multiply your weight by 33. Taking into account that if you walk, run or jog for 1.5 km about 100 calories are consumed, they may form a plan exercise and diet according to the weight you want to lose.

Limit intake of calories if running. Never reduce your calorie intake below 80% of the calorie needs of your body. Nor should start a diet and start running at the same time, because right now is when your body needs more “fuel” to run. Good to rethink your daily diet if a person who has poor eating habits, but it is not the time to start a radical diet

Designing a good diet plan. Design a new food diet running. For example, 55% of your daily diet should be carbohydrates, 15% fat and 30% protein. Your diet should be varied with many fresh foods. Carbohydrates and proteins have about 4 calories per gram. Carbohydrates are more filling without having too many calories. If you eat protein with carbohydrates will help alleviate your body’s reaction to sugar.

Drink plenty of water. Besides helping to run the water improves health and complex. It will also help you feel full and will take away the urge to eat between meals. Trying to lose weight by sweating more to put too much clothing or special garments when running is a serious mistake. Any weight loss caused by water loss is only temporary, and if you get dehydrated when run, will be more difficult to maintain a good pace throughout the session. Dehydration can be fatal.

Running and thinking in the medium term. Do not obsess over their weight – when running the important thins is to lose fat. At first you may gain weight because muscle weighs more than fat

Running not obsessed with speed. ‘s better to run for half an hour 3 days a week every week and try to go a little further, you quickly go running every day for 15 minutes. This is not a race. Lose weight running requires patience and perseverance. Do not try to lose more than one percent of their weight in a week.

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