How to lose belly eating 5 times a day

weight loseYou can be a little contradictory having to eat 5-6 times a day when following a correct diet plan in order to lose weight healthily.Do you can ask why all nutritionists recommend these guidelines for losing belly fast?

Well, this week I want to give you a good reason why all of this. Unfortunately, reading comments from various forums how to lose weight and how to eat properly, I find true absurdities that make me think of little nutritional education that most of the population. We must change this mentality for the sake of our future generations. The percentages of overweight should decrease with proper nutrition. Everyone should know how to follow a healthy and balanced diet. WHO already was warning for some time? The prevalence of overweight in the Spanish population is 34.2% alarmingly increasing rates of childhood overweight, one of the highest in the world.

Imagine the situation! Children ask their parents to lose belly quickly because at school pick on them. Sad but very common situation today.

Returning to the subject of this week, I should be clear that to lose weight you have to eat several times a day small portions. The why is very logical? Eating every 3-4 hours about avoiding reach the next meal very hungry. In this way, we keep our metabolism working constantly, allowing you to burn calories throughout the morning and afternoon. Yes, meals must be carefully planned in advance. It should be especially careful with carbohydrates rice, pasta, potatoes and bread at night and fats throughout the day.

Who thinks it is necessary to starve to lose belly, is totally wrong.For ye see is very easy I’ll give an example of how it is to eat healthy and balanced for a day:

Breakfast: 1 kiwi with skimmed milk + coffee + bar Pulguita bread with turkey breast and fresh 0% Light with jam or cheese.

Mid-morning: 1 pc of fruit except bananas, grapes and figs citrus highlight the best option.

Lunch: Mixed salad no corn or potato or pasta or steamed vegetables + meat not pork or lamb or fish. Dessert: Yogurt skim.

Snack: 1 piece of fruit. No grapes, banana no fig. 1 block for example.

Dinner: vegetable + CEMA Tortilla Tuna + 1 skimmed yogurt. At night fish or lean meats chicken, turkey, rabbit as the best option. Never pasta, potatoes, bread or legumbres.Postre: Yogurt skimming.

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