How to lose belly and not feel puffy

dietAvoid excesses sweeteners, because although it has fewer calories than sugar, has a lot of sodium, and will we hold liquids.

The best steamed vegetables, and if you can not make them fresh, frozen better than canned. All preserved more sodium is added.

Avoid ready meals, as they come loaded with salt and fat unwise for a healthy, light and cleansing diet.

It takes fewer stimulants you may need to keep you going and what it takes, but these stimulants, do not help to detox. As your body cleanses will give you more performance with less effort and therefore have more energy.

Avoid alcohol, because, however much care of yourself and eat well, it spoils everything if you do not watch what you drink. If you drink alcohol, while adding calories to your diet, your body will do is debugged more slowly.

Help yourself of macrobiotics to balance your intestinal flora, which is unbalanced with taking drugs with a poor diet, stress test. Macrobiotics because a bad intestinal flora, plus leave us exposed to potential infections, difficult digestion, produce constipation, gas, bloating.

We can help reduce swelling omega 3 present in Alveolar, but also evening primrose oil.If you do not like to drink water at meals, substitute red chilly tea infusion.

And dispenses-fitting clothing, practiced gymnastics and walking, date drainage massage and if you can not sleep upside down because difficulty the free movement of fluids.

And what is a balanced diet

There is a saying that sums us, breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince and dinner similar to a pauper. Today, most of us, we do the opposite, so the problems of overweight and obesity, which in Spain’s over 50% of the adult population.

The options thoroughly and dinner too many calories and too much fat will make the morning not hungry and have some breakfast. Start the day and unbalanced diet. Even if it costs a bit, we should strive to reverse this imbalance.

The dinner too, is too much work for the stomach. A balanced meal would consist of taking a white fish grilled or roasted with vegetables. Better white blue fish for dinner, since blue has more fat and is more indigestible, is best left for lunch.

Remember soups, purees and creams are also a good alternative for dinner.It is also important to leave an hour and a half or two before going to bed.If after dinner and before going to sleep, we need to take some, we can take:

Fat yogurt with chopped fruit

Glass of milk with cinnamon graham crackers and 2

White-cheese with 2 tablespoons low-calorie plum jams

Remember that there is natural satiety, which will help us to have less appetite for dinner, and we will be a good ally, especially when we are trying to reverse those bad habits much and breakfast options. Thus certain that weight down.

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