Hiposodicos food for slimming

dietSometimes when you are on a diet, you can slot in certain foods that will help you treat overweight and avoid fluid preservation. To do this, you require to make a special slimming government, contain at least 5 hiposodicos food.

Water retention can not only stimulate the hypertension, but who may boycott the diet. Therefore, it is very important that you have at least 5 foods that you can include in your diet and help you to treat your overweight present.

5 hiposodicos food, slimming

Apricot orDamascus. This fruit has a high content of potassium, mineral that stimulates the kidney to get rid of retained fluid. On the other hand, this mineral competes with sodium in the body, reducing it. This process is reflected in a decrease in blood pressure. Keep in mind that this food is also suitable for losing weight, not only because of the fiber containing, but few calories that contribute.

Strawberries. Strawberries not only are high in potassium, but also-magnesium which also stimulates the body to eliminate fluids. On the other hand, these fruits provide very low in calories.

Sweet potato or sweet potato. A vegetable, but has a little more than calories than foods mentioned so far, their intake of potassium is very high, as well as also of magnesium. For this reason, it is possible to incorporate it into a low-salt and low-calorie diet. A good way to consume it to not add extra calories is to replace the potato or sweet potato with cereals, such as pasta or rice.

Spinach. This vegetable has many attributes to incorporate in a low calorie and low sodium diet. Provides few calories, lots of fiber, high content of potassium, magnesium. This is one of the vegetables that more benefits contribute both to lose weight, and to lower pressure and treat fluid retention.

Sprouts: these vegetables provide a good proportion of potassium, and low intake of sodium. It added that has a low intake of calories, makes it a food ideal for treating hypertension, fluid retention, and overweight.

If you suffer from fluid retention, high blood pressure and excess weight at the same time, these 5 foods will help you eliminate liquids, control pressure and lose weight.

Keep in mind that, the best way to take advantage of these foods is to eat them raw, whole or in salads. Although you can also use them to prepare homemade soups, juices or smoothies.

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