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weight loseA common problem when it comes to weight loss is that after having the knowledge, willingness and motivation needed to achieve the reality you find that your daily activities prevent you invest the time and effort required to plan your new eating and exercise or you is very hard to eat healthy when your schedule is filled with social events in which all kinds of dishes are served with a very high or perhaps difficult caloric intake resulting choose the best option from the menu when you have to attend a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of a friend or simply because these away, you die of starvation and the place with the big M is the closest option. This should not be an obstacle to achieving your goals, much less something that achieves discouraged. Then I will give you some simple tips that will add the difference.

Breakfast practical. Practical examples are the breakfast smoothies or fruit smoothies, toast with peanut butter, sandwich meats, cheese, baked chicken, boiled eggs etc. Do not forget the importance of breakfast because it comes to activate your metabolism after prolonged fasting period and so you become more efficient in harnessing the calories consumed throughout the day avoiding the very undesirable accumulation of body fat.

Freezes food: a good option is to pre-cook certain foods then freeze in small sealed containers for reheating at times when you have little minutes to prepare something nutritious, some examples are chicken breast and vegetables.

Choose well of the slot machine: I know there are times where there is no other choice but to grab a quick snack from the machine with your work or school. A good option is the crackers because they have fiber and this helps you absorb less fat contained in food, and peanuts are also having very good macro ratio the three major nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats making a food comprehensive; or any type of baked snack, avoid anything that is fried, since it includes a lot of fat and simple carbohydrates.

When you know your work or school you have a special event where meals or snacks will be served with very high caloric intake is to consume a few hours before something light but causing a long satiety such as tubers, potatoes, cereals, legumes, pasta, any food with good intake of fiber or water so you can control your appetite better.

When you visit a restaurant tries to eat salads with some kind of white meat like chicken, fish or seafood without adding dressing because it contains a lot of fat or whether you prefer something like a hamburger with bread or any preparation requests the order to withdraw the excess starch always prefers preparations baked or cooked chips above.

When your day was tired and did not want to visit the gym tries to do at least 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercise like walking, running, cycling or using any elliptical machine or stair climber you have at home, and varies the intensity constant to thereby enable even more your metabolism.

I’m sure these tips and simple will result in a significant weight loss or just help you keep slim figure you’ve already accomplished.

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