Fruits fattening

weight loseThe fruits and vegetables are an important part of a food healthy, but there are fruits fattening if you eat too much, and also damage your cardiovascular health and promote the development of diabetes.

In the following video, Denair Cano presents the five fruits that are rich in calories, which can affect your figure if you control your daily intake.You may also be interested in: Lose weight without dairy.

Add two more to the list

The oranges, despite being rich in vitamin C and A, beta carotene and lute in, which help protect the body from degenerative diseases, suggest a weight gain if eaten in excess.

Meanwhile, the peach is also rich in calories, since ingesting 150 grams 63 calories are consumed, so if more than two pieces are consumed favoring overweight.You may also be interested in: 5 exotic fruits for weight loss.

Prevents damage to your body

According to the doctor Carol Le Roux, consultant in metabolic medicine at Imperial College Lender s, notes that people who eat too much fruit at risk of developing obesity, tooth decay and diabetes.

These diseases are not the only problem when consuming fruit too much, because the high intake of fructose for more than a week increases triglyceride levels.

So if you really want to wear a d ieta healthy, you should limit consumption of these fruits fattening and mix with vegetables that stimulate your metabolism. And you, how much fruit you eat a day?

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