Foods dehydrated diet

dietThe dehydrated food concentrates their nutrients and provides 3 or 4 times more energy than when fresh. Examples are the dried fruit or vegetable, the concentration of its properties allow better assimilation.

These fruits are an excellent choice as a snack, plus they provide several health benefits. Therefore, in we present some of them:

1. Dried apricots or peaches

They have a high amount of beta-carotene and potassium, which makes them very suitable for hypertensive and useful to increase the defenses and combat the problems of skin. They are mild laxatives. Raw can be added to fruit salads, yogurt, etc. And are a good accompaniment to roast poultry. They contain only 265 calories per 100 g.

2. Dehydrated or dried plums

They have properties laxative due to its content of mucilage, fiber and other substances stimulating bowel movements. Containing vitamin B1, iron and various minerals. They contain 270 calories per 100 g.

3. Dehydrated or dried dates

Activate the ability of concentration and mental agility. Also, yes 5 dates are taken before bed to help sleep. Are a source of vitamin B5, magnesium, calcium and other minerals, and help improve digestion. They contain 280 calories per 100 g.

4. Dehydrated or dried currants

All sugars contain abundant easily assimilated, plus calcium and iron. Rather than to eat alone, they are ideal for combining with spinach, fish, cheese and sweet recipes. They contain 260 calories per 100 g.

5. Dehydrated or dried figs

Its seeds are excellent laxative, in addition to combating cough. Fig bread with almonds is a complete and healthy dessert, for example. They contain 280 calories per 100 g.

Besides these fruits, you can find foods like artichokes and spinach, which are rich in iron, wheat germ, sunflower seeds and almonds, which contain vitamin E in high proportions and broccoli, which is known for properties antioxidants, and chard, which are used to combat anemia.

foods All these can be subjected to various forms of processing to dehydrate or dry them, pulverize or crush , in order to maintain their properties better and help you better supply.

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