Fitness Myths

weight loseAll of us have heard a number of statements which are intended to be true when we got to a gym but are just myths and then I will mention some of them.

1. While you consume more protein, more is your muscle gain.

Our body has the ability to use only a certain amount of protein due to various factors such as the type of metabolism, physical activity, muscle mass and others. If you consume more protein than your body can absorb your body will convert fat to accumulate as energy, in short it will become an annoying belly; and dismiss the urine through the leftover components that are untapped.

2. Doing weights does not help you burn fat.

The intense muscular activity performed in gyms is one of the activities that burn more calories then if you exhaust the reserves of sugar your body with perhaps a moderate cardiovascular routine about 15 minutes before your weight training then your body will begin burn fat deposits available, even if your routine includes cardio could not burn fat just doing weights long as you keep a considerable intensity, your breaks are not long and your routine lasts at least an hour. It is undisputed that exercise with weights helps you to gain weight, but if you moderate your diet and consume a balanced diet that weight you upload will only muscle mass which will definitely help you look better. Please keep in mind that weight training will increase your appetite for excessive caloric expenditure they represent and when you start to gain muscle because your body will require more calories to maintain is where you have to show self-control and apply the techniques above we have mentioned to control your appetite.

3. The only way to get the body you want with nutritional supplements.

This is one of the biggest lies you’ll hear in a gym. Dietary supplements are simply compounds that isolate different nutrients which are highly available in the food you eat in your diet. I’ll give some examples: the protein are in an envelope protein is the same you’d find in a couple of scrambled eggs served with a slice and a half of legumes and a portion of some cereal like rice or the amount of iron contained in any miltivitaminico is the same you’d find in a serving of red meat with a serving of beans. Although in some cases supplements are helpful are definitely not essential in the way of obtaining that body you so desire. A balanced diet that includes foods from all food groups will help you without these supplements and pass saves you a few bucks.

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