fatObesity is the excessive buildup of fat in the body that often determines an impaired state of health, also classified as hypertrophy of adipose tissue.

Obesity is excess body fat that frequently causes an alteration in the state of health of the sufferer.

Obesity is a risk issue for several constant diseases such as:

 *Heart disease

* Diabetes

* Arterial Hypertension

* Some forms of cancer

From the evidence it is concluded that obesity is a disease arising from several factors:


* Environmental

* Psychological.

To define the level of obesity in a person, you can use both body mass index and the rate of body fat, which are compared against standards already defined.

This can distinguish between exogenous obesity and endogenous obesity.

As the endogenous causes, endocrine obesity is caused by dysfunction of an endocrine gland, including the thyroid, which produces the hormone thyroid which controls metabolism. Obesity is a disease in which many factors are involved, many of which still are not fully known. Basic factors that are involved are the genes, feeding and lack of exercise, as well as certain diseases and medications.

To contrariness obesity fast and safely, it is vital to begin a disciplined and intensive program that integrates a special, balanced diet, cardiovascular exercise and strength, and a more active lifestyle.

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