Express Weight Loss Plan

weight loseThere are occasions where a special event where we show off a slim figure or just want to look good in our next beach holiday is coming, but we only have a few days to achieve lose those extra kilos.

The person that you like you just invited to a wedding to accompany him as his partner, it’s time that both you expected but there is one small detail; not you so excited about going to buy a fitted dress night because you know you have several extra pounds more and only have a few weeks to discrete them.

Or get the summer and your friends University invite you to vacation at the beach, I plan to leave in a few days and do not know the best way you would look in a swimsuit.

There is a simple way to lose weight quickly and then I’ll tell you what it is.

Be the first thing you feel in these situations is frustration and helplessness because time is very little to lose weight. I have the solution for you. Then I will give you a ready plan to lose weight, breathe calmly after reading.

The period of this plan is 14 consecutive days

The first part of the plan is to not eat crabs in your last meal time. I would like to emphasize that this plan is not advisable to follow as usual way, the ideal is to eat all the food groups in each meal, it is a plan that is recommended to follow only very sparingly on special occasions

Carbohydrates is the nutrient found in greater proportion in almost all foods so it’s common to overdo their consumption thus being the main cause of body fat to accumulate. Also thanks to its chemical composition is very easy to become fat once it is metabolized by the body so this nutrient is fat and no more care with which we must have if we are to lose weight.

Since carbohydrates are the main basis of force for our body to not consume considerable time in our bodies find another source of energy to continue performing their biological functions and remember that the primary function of the fat stored in our body is to be a reserve energy so the body will begin to burn.

There is no way to lose your fat unless the body burn an energy need so there is not a healthy way to supplement that help you lose weight. If you do not eat crabs in your last meal time let your body do without this energy source for around 10 hours until you return to consume breakfast, definitely at that time your energy reserves fat will be very useful.

Then I’ll tell you the main carbohydrate-containing foods to a greater extent and also give you great recommendations for foods that contain this nutrient in order to plan your meals for dinner once again start is diet.

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