Exercises to Lose Weight

lose weightIn this article I will show which are the most effective exercises to lose weight, reshape your body, and get a slim and sexy figure, but first I would like to dispel a great myth that has been around for a long time about this topic is NOT possible measures to reduce or burn fat in one area of the body using a specific exercise.

For example, not doing crunches will make you burn fat in the area of the waist and abdomen, although it will help to tone and make your abdominal muscles, which will come out only when you have decreased your body fat enough so that become visible.

Similarly, doing biceps locks with weights not directly burn fat in the arm and doing squats will make your legs fat is removed directly.

If you want action and reduce the amount of fat in one or more body parts, and mark that part so to be toned and slender, first you have to lose weight all over your body and decrease your body fat level for and then do toning exercises with weights and directly mark the body part which you want to improve your appearance.

Let me show you the best exercises you can use to lose weight and avoid obesity more efficiently, safely, and fast:

1. Jogging outdoors

The run usually in a place like a park where there is plenty of space and green areas is one of the healthiest and most efficient exercises to lose weight you can use, other than it’s usually more fun to be on the treadmill or a stationary exercise besides you can breathe the fresh air and oxygen produced by green areas, doffing your stress, relaxing, and letting you last longer running besides you’ll spend more calories because you have to move your whole body while exercising.

2. Biking

This is another very good for burning fat, other than it will help to strengthen the muscles of your legs and your cardiovascular endurance exercise.

If you decide to bike outside, it is advisable to do the exercise low / medium intensity for a long time, to prevent accidents caused by going too fast.

On the other hand, if you like better the stationary bike, you can decide on the exercise of high intensity and short duration which will allow you to make effective and intense exercise to increase your strength and physical condition, and to help you burn fat spending less time exercise.

3. Weights and resistance exercises

I can not stress this enough: If you want to lose weight then you have to do exercises with weights and resistance machines.

Confrontation exercise lets you dial as well as tone muscles and burn calories up to 72 hours automatically even while sitting.

4. Your favorite sport

If you have a favorite sport like soccer or basketball, then you can choose to perform this common sport as possible, and so you will not have to do another cardio. If you choose this alternative, remember to do so with a frequency of 3 or 4 times a week, doing sport enough so that you burn calories and improve your condition.

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