Errors that cause belly fat

slim5 errors that cause belly fat

How did you realize that your weight is not the same anymore? One of the key points to identify your weight is already a little above what you want or simply bring a different lifestyle is the belly bulge, but what else causes abdominal fat?

What causes belly fat

According to Harvard University, the fat comes in abdominal tissue under the skin, which generates no damage to the body, as it only changes the shape of the body.

However, there is the fat which is inside the abdomen, which is distributed around the organs of the body and can be very harmful to health.

The scientists detail this type of fat accumulates in the abdominal organs such as the liver, which affects the regulation of insulin levels, blood glucose and cholesterol, causing problems in cardiovascular health.

One way to prevent its accumulation is to keep a healthy lifestyle that allows you to keep a body slim, toned and healthy. Do not forget to hydrate properly to eliminate toxins from your body and prevent the accumulation of fat in the belly. And you, how do you eliminate belly fat?

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