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dietWhen we believe about losing weight the first thing that comes to mind is go on a diet and run to the internet to look for fad diets or go with a friend or friend to us through the diet with which low kilos and kilos or just we go to a nutritionist to give us a personalized diet.

The word comes from the Greek diet they Dayta meaning way of life and regime in turn has several meanings among which are: how to govern or set of rules that regulate feeding. Normally we adopt the second meaning of the word by which a diet always see it as something that tax becomes very tedious and difficult to follow.

This is normal because the follow a set of rules always becomes monotonous we do not like to do instead when we set one way or lifestyle we do this automatically since it is comprised of a set of habits. This is what we should strive to achieve with every diet, get to form good eating habits so that dieting does not last only a few weeks or months if not a lifetime.

To achieve this we need to understand what are the principles by which a reduction diet helps you lose weight and then adopt them as eating habits.

The first and foremost is a reducing diet will always recommend fewer calories you need to maintain your weight. For example, if you are a woman between 18 and 34 your recommendation is 2000 calories a day diet then you should include fewer calories but these calories 1200. This you can achieve very easily, without requiring calorie for calorie by reducing the amount of food you usually consume before egg if you ate 4 slices of bread with your meal or eat 2 now before consumes 2 servings of meat or chicken now consume 1 ½ then, when you achieve the ideal weight and you open created eating habits which do not need to change in order to keep your weight and not gain again or decrease even more which can backfire.

Another principle of reducing diets is balance. The recommended amount of nutrients is: carbohydrates 60-65%, protein 10-15% fat and 20-25%, these amounts can vary drastically seriously affect your goal to lose or maintain your weight. I understand it is difficult to measure that consuming these nutrients but this is easily accomplished by including all food groups at each meal as follows: many fruits and vegetables, few animal foods, few enough legumes and cereals.

Another important principle is that the junk food diets as part of a healthy meal is never included. Remember that “never” eat one type of food is like follow strict rules and as already mentioned this does not motivate us. I know it’s almost impossible to do completely without junk food is why we eat this kind of food very sporadically not affect us greatly when it comes to burning fat or maintain your weight. Of course if you choose not to consume it will never be better.

These are the main principles by which diets help you lose weight. I hope these tips serve you and help you see a different way of being on a diet.

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