Cheeky Deceptions for Weight Loss

weight lose1. Light, light, light

Although many of the light foods that you find in the supermarket are generally better than the no light, there are cases in which the light is not as healthy as we think.

For example, light versions of certain food additives are added often harmful to health in the long and sometimes short term. Sodas or dietary yogurts are a good example, in which the sugar has been replaced by artificial adulates like aspartame, which has been proven to be harmful to health. When you buy light products that do not contain aspartame checks, and instead contains socialize as a sweetener, which has no calories and although it is similar to sugar, diabetics can consume the complete safety.

Another mistake that many people make with light products is that they think as is light, then no matter who eat more, since they are I called glow because they have a little less fat and calories, not because they are absent from them. So remember that even light that does not allow you to consume more only helps you eat less fat or calories.

2. Commas the less, the better

This is a total lie with which the media and advertising have deceived millions of people.

How to lose weight? Simple, is not about eating less and less frequent, but to consume the amount of food that is suitable to your metabolism so you can lose weight fast and healthily.

And remember, if you’re eating only 1 or 2 times a day these boicotiando your own efforts. Each time you eat food, your body has to burn energy to process, so if you eat smaller frequent meals, you’ll be burning more calories and fat automatically, more efficient and active harass your metabolism, and you will not have to go hunger between meals.

3. Fat in food is your enemy

True, fats are the most caloric macro nutrients with 9 calories per gram. However, did you know that the most important cause of why people are overweight is not because it consumes a lot of fat, but because consume many carbohydrates?

These carbohydrates are the macro nutrient that is consumed more in the day, which generates a disproportionately by eating excess calories and levels of blood sugar in the body, which are then stored as fat.

Besides, fat by them are not bad. In fact, are essential for the body, and that a deficiency of which causes problems such as a decline in the immune system, hair loss and other health problems.

So remember not only measure the fat you consume in your food, but also pay attention to how many crabs you are consuming in the day.

4. Eliminates carbohydrates

Now, although I just mentioned that excess carbohydrates in the diet are the 1 cause of overweight that does not significant that must be removed, as in the Atkins diet.

Such diets, although effective in the short term, at the end of the day the problems generated are much larger than their benefits:

1. By eliminating carbohydrates your body has to resort to using their reserves of fat for energy, which puts your body into a state called ketosis which although efficient fat burning temporarily take your body to a toxic and dangerous state in which an excess of ketenes in the bloodstream.

2. The rebound is imminent. When you stop the diet, in 99% of cases the weight lost is gained just as fast, getting to be the same or worse than before

3. The low crab diet carries a high fat intake, which is very bad for your cardiovascular and digestive health.

So, the point is not to eliminate crabs, but balance them appropriately with other macro nutrients, proteins and fats, so that creating a moderate caloric deficit deglaze this will allow for sound and efficient manner.

4. No exercises or diet, just use this new pill / cream

For the avoidance of doubt, let me be clear: There is currently not any medication, pill, cream, drink, or dust that allows you to burn fat without diet or exercise inappropriate.

Most of these types of products they sell you, not even been proven to work, and whether there are some that if they do, only supplement and you get extra help if while wearing a regimen of exercise and nutrition.

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