Changing habits healthy and lose belly

exerciseTo lose belly is necessary to observe two very important aspects: diet and physical activity. The latter complements to food not only increasing caloric expenditure, but also working to harden the belly and reduce it.

A good example of diet to lose belly is a balanced diet in which food is distributed so that high-carbohydrate foods are consumed more during the first half of the day   after lunch and begin to eat more protein-rich foods. With this type of diet increases metabolism and fat consumed faster than they are around the belly.

There are no magic formulas or miracle diets. Belly to lose is to learn to eat. The main foods that increase belly are white flour and its derivatives. So it is advisable to eliminate or reduce our diet; surely notice a difference.

Remember that for maximum results is crucial exercise.

Sample diet to lose belly:

Breakfast. Earlier should consume skim milk, because calcium helps break down fat cells from the abdomen. A good option is drinkable low fat yogurt with bran cereals, they are ideal to boost metabolism and reduce fat absorption.

Midmorning. Eating citrus is ideal. For example, an orange or a kiwi can be a great idea, since they contain vitamin C helps dissolve accumulated fat.

Brunch. Lean cuts of meat, such as chicken breast, turkey or rabbit, should give the protein intake necessary for health. A side salad, seasoned with olive oil, provides the essential portion called good fats.Try to avoid the use of salt, because sodium encourages water retention and toxins.

Later Media. Instead of fried or unhealthy snacks, it is good to choose a handful of nuts. While their caloric intake is not small, contain monounsaturated fats that improve circulation and prevent fat storage.A serving of grilled fish provides a good dose of protein and Omega 3, which is better the body, metabolizes fat.

For the menu is a bit more varied, some ideas that can be added are:

The apple cinnamon is an excellent dessert. The fruit is low in calories and provides fiber, which speeds digestion. Cinnamon has a very similar to insulin, which helps the body metabolize fats effect.

The raw celery can greatly reduce appetite and has an important effect when removing liquids.Green tea should be present throughout the day, as is recognized by controlling the levels of fat oxidation.

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